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Dogs are truly man’s best friend.
We first began domesticating wolves some thirty thousand odd years ago, offering them food scraps and sanctuary in exchange for their divine company. Since then, dogs have delivered unto us joy, protection, hunting prowess, condolence, spiritual kinship and the unrivaled gift of acceptance.
My sister, proud mother of my Dachshund nephew Rigatoni lives by a simple creed, “We don’t deserve dogs.” While we may not deserve them, we can do our best to appreciate them, an effort that begins with choosing the right breed for your needs and your zodiac sign.
A common question among canine enthusiasts is whether or not dogs have zodiac signs. The answer is yes of course! This Shiba Inu is a proud Capricorn while this toy poodle earth angel is a versatile, volatile Gemini.
As always, I am an advocate for adopting rescue animals whenever possible and the following list applies to mixes whose makeup includes the breeds listed below.

Never one to back down from conflict, even and especially when the odds are stacked against them, Aries will find fellowship with this mid size breed that is know to pick fights with animals far beyond their own size. Shortsighted? Yes. Courageous? Indubitably. In terms of the physical body, Aries rules the head and this breed is renowned for their keen sense of smell and preference for bloodsport. As AKC reports and the Aries temperament reflects, “His spirit easily turns into aggression, as Karelian Bear Dogs love a challenge.”
Bull sees bull in this pairing of leisure lovers. If you Google “what kind of dog is best for taking naps with you?,” the English Bulldog has no equal and if you are the kind of person who Googles “what kind of dog is best for taking naps with you?,” you are probably a Taurus.
Geminis wear many hats; investigator, orator, supercomputer for useless information and the mighty Dachshund goes by many names; low rider, wiener, weenie, sausage dog, and my personal favorite, pig shark. Curious to the point of reckless, vocal and able to get themselves into and out of all manner of trouble, Dachshunds are the perfect compliment to this mutable air sign. The AKC issued the following observation about Dachshunds, “if they are busy with something more interesting they may not always pay attention to you,” which coincidentally, is the same warning label you find on most Geminis.
Cancer seeks in a hound what it has always needed in another human; an ability to intuit, predict and soothe the ever shifting moods of this water sign. There is no breed more built for the task than the King Charles Spaniel. Gentle and affectionate, a KCS plays favorites with their primary caretaker and is amenable to light activity or relentless laziness. Like most Cancers, this breed always appears to be on the brink of tears.
Leos love hard and love a challenge. Lions meet their match in the stately, affectionate Rhodesian Ridgeback. Like Leos, Rhodesians are known for their hair and were originally bred for their ability to track lions, making them a formidable pet for the lion pride. Runner up for first place is a German Shepard as they look great in a uniform and, for status conscious Leos, top the list of the most popular dog breeds.
Fact: I have yet to meet a Virgo of average intelligence or one that wasn’t slightly preoccupied with clean floors and clutter free surfaces. With this in mind, the best breeds for this sign are equal parts smart and hypoallergenic. Poodle is the obvious pick but the ancient and elegant Xoloitzcuintlim or Xolo also fits the bill.
Libras, with their Veusian nature and preference for pretty make for natural aristocrats and there is perhaps no prettier nor more patrician a hound than the Afghan. Further evidence: Kim Kardashian is a Libra and if Kim Kardashian was a dog she would be an Afghan hound. According to the AKC, “Afghans are sighthounds, bred to hunt and chase prey by sight, they will have a strong instinct to run off in pursuit of perceived prey.” Libras, who are musically inclined, famously libidinous and notoriously noncommittal can surely relate. Game recognize game
Scorpios are typically cat people, sometimes owl, possibly newt. When they do consort with canines they fare best with a breed that is as distinct and astute as they themselves. To that end, I bring you the Hungarian Puli. Scorpio is fascinated by shadows and coincidentally, the Puli lives in the dark, peering out from behind obfuscating fringe, which coincidentally is also the name of a Scorpio led garage band. According to the AKC, “This is a breed that needs to be kept mentally active. Pulik are incredibly intelligent, agile, and loyal, which makes them able to learn quickly. However, they do not suffer fools lightly (there is a running joke that you need to be very smart to own a Puli), and they require a firm but fair hand. This is a headstrong breed who has no problem humiliating you in public so prepare yourself.” Sentiments that easily extend and apply to every Scorpio I have ever known.
These dog, like those burn under the sign of Sagittarius, possess cowboy energy. Recklessly optimistic and rabidly curious, both dog and man high tail it to the hills when the fun runs out. Archers are known to have a wild hair and a devil may care disposition that is met and matched by the patterned coats and catch me if you can vibe of the Australian Shepherd. Sagittarians are called to strange shores and, with his unblinking eyes and ever wagging tail, there’s no better road dog than the ever buoyant Aussie Shepherd.
Capricorns bring the no nonsense daddy vibes to the zodiac. They keep an eye on the prize and a considerable stack of bills in the fold. Who better to walk alongside them than the stately Chow Chow. Described by the AKC as, “Dignified, serious-minded, and aloof…Their distinctive traits include a scowling, snobbish expression; and a stiff-legged gait.” Serious-minded? Scowling? If the dog fits, walk it folks, or in the case of a Cap, pay one of your minions to do so.
Stylish and stalwart with an alien attractiveness, Aquarius meets their match in the Greyhound. These dogs look like mid-century modern furniture and are revered for both their stately aesthetic, independent temperament and lethal work ethic. Aquarians will respect and see themselves refelcted in the aloof autonomy of this breed, described by the AKC as “more interested in doing things *with* you than *for* you.” 
Ruled by Neptune, Pisces natives lean hard into a dreamscape and the Irish Wolfhound is the kind of canine that dreams, and a few Gothic novels, are made of. This noble, intuitive hound routinely makes the round up for emotional support animals just as Pisces routinely makes the round up of emotionally supportive human being. Pisceans will find it easy to relate to this breed as, “They are smart, loyal, sensitive to human emotion and will put their life on the line for their families. But do be gentle with them in turn — they tend to shut down if they are treated too harshly.” Empaths that will disassociate if voices are raised or accountability expected? Big time Pisces vibes.
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