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Key Topics

chefs in a kitchen
Labor Secretary Marty Walsh shaking hands with construction workers
Two women examining a pair of pants in a factory
The Good Jobs Initiative, led by the Department of Labor, is focused on providing critical information to
workers, employers, and government as they work to improve job quality and create access to good jobs free
from discrimination and harassment for all working people. ​
Learn more about the Good Jobs Initiative.
Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh taking a selfie with two construction workers
Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh speaking with a restaurant worker
Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh posing for a ground breaking picture
Learn how the federal government is administering and prioritizing the creation of good jobs through federal infrastructure investments.
Learn about the Department of Labor’s Worker Organizing Resource and Knowledge Center. 
Learn about events focused on ways to build good jobs.
Learn about the Department of Labor’s first-of-its kind data strategy.
Learn about our conversation with business and union leaders on the benefits of the Good Jobs Initiative.
Learn about the benefits of labor-management collaboration, and how successful labor-management partnerships help workers and employers.
Learn more about worker rights on Bipartisan Law Construction Projects.
Learn how labor unions improve wages and working conditions for all workers.
Learn about the Department of Labor’s partnerships to measure and track good jobs.
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