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Swara Bhaskar has compared Bollywood with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, saying that seeing what is happening with Bollywood films right now, she misses Rahul Gandhi. Swara Bhaskar will soon be seen working in the film Jahaan Chaar Yaar. She was last seen in the film Veere Di Wedding and since then her career has seen a huge downfall.
movies getting beaten back
When asked the reason behind the back to back flops of Bollywood films these days, Swara Bhaskar in a conversation with India Today told the deteriorating economy of the country. Swara Bhaskar said that if shows are not happening in theatres, then Bollywood is not responsible for it. He also said that OTT has spoiled the watching experience of the people.
Swara spoke on the question of Boycott
Swara Bhaskar said that these days the work of spreading hatred against Bollywood is going on which started at the time of the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Talking about the boycott about films, Swara Bhaskar gave the example of Rahul Gandhi and said that I do not know, it may be a strange comparison but I miss Rahul Gandhi.
Bollywood’s Puppification Has Happened
Referring to Rahul Gandhi, Swara Bhaskar said, ‘Everyone kept calling him Pappu, so now everyone believes so. I have met him and he is an absolutely intelligent and articulate man. In fact with Bollywood too that papufication has happened right now. Let us tell you that in the last few years, many big films have been badly beaten.
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