Sikkim lifts COVID-19 curbs; norms relaxed for markets, schools. Details here | Mint – Mint

  • The Sikkim government has relaxed Covid norms for education institutions, social, political, religious and sports-related gatherings

The state of Sikkim has lifted COVID-19 induced restrictions with a consistent decline in Covid-19 cases. Under the new guidelines, markets, shops and commercial establishments will function normally now. 
The state government has also relaxed Covid norms for education institutions, social, political, religious and sports-related gatherings.
Sikkim’s COVID-19 tally rose to 38,868 on Thursday as 43 more people tested positive for the infection, a health bulletin said. The Himalayan state’s coronavirus death toll remained unchanged at 437 as no fresh fatality was recorded. East Sikkim registered the highest number of 31 new cases, followed by 11 in West Sikkim and one in North Sikkim.
Withdrawal of restrictions
1) There will be no restrictions on the interstate movement of persons and vehicles. Accordingly, the requirement of production of RTPCT negative reports at checkpoints stands withdrawn.
2) There will be no restrictions on the movement of vehicles within the state and odd/even restrictions and restriction on pillion riders also stands withdrawn.
3) Markets, shops and commercial establishments will function normally duly following the Covid protocols.
4) All state government offices including PSUs, boards, corporations under the state government will function with 100 per cent attendance with adherence to strict Covid-19 protocols.
5) Central government offices will continue to operate as per the instructions of the Centre.
6) All educational institutions will function as per the guidelines issued by the education department and HRD ministry.
Sikkim lifts COVID-19 induced restrictions

"Markets, shops & commercial establishments shall function as normal. All educational institutions shall function as per guidelines. No restrictions on social, political, religious & sports related gatherings, "reads the order
India reports 58,077 new Covid-19 cases today
India logged 58,077 new coronavirus infections, taking the country’s total tally of COVID-19 cases to 42,536,137 while the active cases declined to 6,97,802, according to the Union Health Ministry data updated on Friday. The death toll climbed to 50,71,77 with 657 fresh fatalities, the data updated at 8 am stated.
The active cases comprise 1.64 per cent of the total infections, while the national COVID-19 recovery rate has further improved to 97.17 per cent, the ministry said. A reduction of 92,987cases has been recorded in the active COVID-19 caseload in a span of 24 hours. The daily positivity rate was recorded at3.89% while the weekly positivity rate was recorded at 5.76%, according to the ministry.
With PTI inputs
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