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Students are to choose one of the languages as their second language course. 
At present, the government-run schools in Sikkim have Lepcha, Bhutia, Nepali and Limbu as part of the curriculum. Seven more languages will be added to the list. Private schools on the other hand do not have any of the vernacular languages taught to students will have to include all 11 of them. In addition to the government school list, Tamang, Gurung, Mangar, Mukhia, Newar, Rai and Sherpa are the languages soon to be taught to Sikkim school students. 
Sikkim schools will now have a three-language curriculum where English will be the first language, the vernacular language will the second and Hindi will be taught as the third language. 
A statement by the state government read, ” This is for information to all concerned that the government has adopted the three-language formula in the following manner to be implemented in all schools within the state.
“the first language, being the medium of instruction, English will be the first language. The second language will be any one of the state government-recognised 11 languages and Hindi will be the third language.” 
The private schools in the state will have to submit a compliance letter with evidence that the government order is to be followed. The letter will have to be submitted to the director and exam cell before the new semester begins, government official added. 
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