Sikkim CM Announces 1-Yr Maternity Leave For Faculties – NorthEast Today

Photo Credit : IPR
The Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang-Golay recently announced a maternity leave of 1 year for female teachers, while paternity leave has been extended to one month for male teachers of government schools.
According to reports, during the period of maternity leave, a substitute teacher will be appointed, announced the Sikkim CM.
Golay highlighted on the good quality of education system in Sikkim.
He further added that main objective of his administration is to provide the best campus, competent lecturers and provide best facilities to students along the state.
Meanwhile, to achieve the following, introduction of new subjects in school curriculum and construction of new schools and universities with good infrastructures are of utmost importance, states the CM.
During a programme organized at Saramsa Garden, Ranipool, the Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) prospectus were handed to students of Poklong Kamrang constituency.
He further assured that Geyzing Degree College will be completed within a year and Sikkim State University will be renamed as Kanchenjunga State University.
More private universities will be established in Sikkim to uplift the education system, added Tamang.
Meanwhile, the government has also planned an exposure tour to foreign and within India for the school principals so that the state can exchange ideas and learn from the good practices.


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