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This week President Joe Biden announced plans to cut student loan debt for up to 45 million borrowers, Ohio lawmakers announced plans for added protections of the thin blue line flag, and USA TODAY launched a national voting rights guide.
We break down what it all means on this week’s episode of Ohio Politics Explained.
It’s a podcast from the USA TODAY Network Ohio Bureau where we catch you up on the state’s political news in 15 minutes or less. This week, host Anthony Shoemaker was joined by reporter Laura Bischoff.
1) Student loan debt
President Joe Biden’s long awaited announcement to cancel some student loan debt came on Wednesday. This is a huge deal impacting up to 45 million borrowers. Roughly 20 million will have their balances cancelled completely.
Looking at the details of the plan, up to $20,000 in debt relief will be available for low-income Pell Grant recipients; $10,000 for all other borrowers with incomes less than $125,000 and from households earning $250,000 or less.
2) Vance comments on nuclear family
Ohio US Senate candidate JD Vance has made a lot of comments recently about the nuclear family. He said recently that Americans need to have more babies because that’s a sign a nation is doing well.
In recent weeks he has also come out very strongly against divorce saying couples don’t work out their differences and change partners too easily. He also was criticized for comments saying that women should sometimes stay in relationships that are violent to help preserve the institution of marriage. Vance’s campaign says his comments were taken out of context.  
Our colleague Haley BeMiller reported that this strategy of focusing on family values issues might help Vance as he finds a lane that can help him with social conservatives .
3) State may add protections for thin blue line flag
Two Ohio Republicans want to make it illegal for landlords, homeowner associations and others to ban the flying of “thin blue line” flags after the father of a fallen officer was told to take his down.
Anna Staver of the USA TODAY Network Ohio bureau has the details of the bill.
4) USA TODAY launches voting rights project
Voting rights across America are at a crossing point. In Ohio, voters have a month to vote before Election Day, but lawmakers are looking to change voter ID laws, changes to drop boxes and may cut voting the Monday before Election Day.
USA TODAY launched a voting rights guide looking at how voting rights are around America. You can compare Ohio to other states and find out what you need to know to register to vote or vote early in the upcoming election here.
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