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By | Updated on June 7, 2022
Dogs are for life, after all, not just for Christmas. We’re not even talking about the 10 to 15 years of expensive food, vet bills, and essential pup accessories. Running into the thousands, the most expensive dog might take your breath away.
Most Expensive Dog Breeds
But, which dog breeds are the world’s most expensive? And what on earth makes some of them cost more than a car? 
Well, it’s hard to narrow down all of the most expensive dogs in the world, as the American Kennel Club recognizes 190 breeds alone. But, we’ve done our best to give you 25 pups that’ll make a massive dent in your bank balance. 
And remember, a reputable breeder will charge a substantial amount more for their pups if they have a good reputation, so the prices of these dogs do vary. But, without any more rambling, let’s look at the world’s most expensive dog. 
Tibetan Mastiff
Taking the top spot for the most expensive dog breed is the Tibetan mastiff. These absolute giants are native to China and Nepal and once protected their households from leopards and wolves. 
Male purebred dogs can weigh up to 160 pounds, which makes them the most expensive and one of the largest breeds in the world.
You can easily recognize Tibetan mastiffs by the fur around its neck. When their hair is grown out, it resembles a mane, and we all know which other animal shares this characteristic. 
These mastiffs carry such a hefty price tag not only for their ferocious reputation but also because they’re considered a status symbol throughout China. 
Purebred puppies can range from $2,000 all the way up to millions. And you’re probably wondering, what do you mean by “millions?” In 2014, a Chinese businessman paid $1.95 million for a Tibetan mastiff puppy he named “Big Splash.”
Samoyeds Are Expensive Dogs
The Samoyed is a pure white sled dog that originated from Siberia. It got its name from the Samoyedic people who once used them to pull their sleds and guard their reindeer. 
Prices for Samoyed pups vary, but on average, you can expect to pay up to $3,000. However, if you purchase a purebred Samoyed from a respectable breeder, you may be looking at figures closer to $14,000.
The price of these pups doesn’t just stop at their initial purchase. Samoyeds are extremely expensive to maintain, thanks to their thick fur that needs grooming daily.
One of the Most Expensive Breeds in the World
Next up on the most expensive dog breeds is the Lowchen. If you’re anything like me, you’ve never even heard of this scruffy little pooch. And here’s why. 
Lowchens were on the verge of extinction during the early 1970s, with only 65 pups left in the world. This extremely low number of individual dogs made the breed the rarest dog breed in the world. 
People often refer to the Lowchen as the “little lion dog,” Although these dogs have made a comeback thanks to breeding efforts, they can still fetch anywhere from $2,000 to $12,000. 
Although you’ll be spending a small fortune on a Lowchen pup, they are easy to maintain, rarely get sick, and can live on average for up to 15 years.
A Rare Breed That Makes a Great Family Pet
As with all things, if something is popular in the media, its prices will go up. And that’s precisely what happened with the Shikoku. If you’ve ever seen Game of Thrones or Outlander, then you too may have a want for a wolf-like pooch. 
The Shikoku, which got its name from a Japanese island, looks exactly like its wolf ancestors and therefore can sell for up to $3,000. 
Shikoku excels in endurance and have a high prey drive. They are considered the rarest dog breed out of the six native Japanese dog breeds.
Fifth Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World
When you think of a terrier, a Jack Russell or a Border Terrier probably springs to mind. 
But, although terriers usually remind us of small dogs, the Black Russian Terrier truly makes an exception. These dogs can weigh up to 140 pounds, stand at 30 inches tall, and cost you up to $2,500. 
The good news is Black Russian Terriers are exceptional pets. But, they need plenty of mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy and out of trouble.
Afghan Hound
The Afghan Hound has hair that most people would die for, and they can thank selective breeding for that. The Afghanistan mountains where these dogs used to hunt have cold and harsh weather conditions. Therefore, these dogs needed a particular thick and silky coat to withstand the weather while hunting down their prey.
We categorize Afghan Hounds as sighthounds which means they use panoramic vision to spot their prey before making a pursuit. These dogs are devoted to their owners, and on average, you can expect to pay $2,000 to $2,500. Some purebred dogs even cost up to $7,000, depending on their breeder and where they came from.
Ideal for Dog Racing
Another sighthound on our world’s most expensive dog breed list is the Azawakh from West Africa. These pups use their eyes to sight and chase down their prey. At full speed, the slender Azawakh can read up to 64 km per hour and feature long legs and a tiny waist. 
Azawakh are relatively rare dogs which we all know hoists up their price. On average, an Azawakh would cost you up to $2,500, but this number could also be significantly more.
Dog Owners Pay a Premium for this Dog
Although the Pharaoh Hound originated in Egypt, we now consider it a Maltese breed after it was imported to the country of Malta. 
If you ever paid attention in history class, you’d recognize the breed from paintings found in Ancient Egyptian tombs. However, the Pharaoh Hound has gained its title as the national dog of Malta, with the Maltese people calling it the Kelb tal-Fenek. This name translates to “rabbit dog” as its extremely proficient at hunting rabbits.
If you’re on the market for a Pharoah Hound, these magnificent pups can range from $1,800 to $2,500.
You Pay a High Purchase Price for this Dog Breed
The Rhodesian Ridgeback got their distinctive stripe of hair down their back through breeding. The hair grows in the opposite direction down their spine, which earned them the “ridge” in their name. 
Although breeders once bred these dogs with wild African dogs, they’re extremely loving, graceful, and protective of younger children. All these characteristics make them a great breed for families and well worth their $1,800 to $2,500 price tag.
An Expensive Breed With Several Common Health Issues
A Newfoundland’s size may seem offputting, but these gorgeous giants are incredibly gentle. In fact, they’re one of the most easy-going dog breeds on the planet. 
These social beasts enjoy the company of other dogs, leisurely walks at their favorite park, and are extremely caring for young children. 
We also forgot to mention that they aren’t droolers and rarely shed, making them the perfect cuddling companion. Especially if you live in a cold climate and don’t mind spending up to $2,500.
Possibly the Most Expensive Dog in the World
Big things sometimes come in small packages, and we’re talking about the price of a French Bulldog. These short-legged pups can cost you anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500, depending on the reputation of their breeder and their fur color. 
One downfall of these playful pooches is that their short snouts can put them at risk of health issues. So, if you’re willing to fork out for a pup, make sure you have additional money for vet bills.
One of the Priciest Breeds
I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for an adorable curly-haired dog. Portuguese Water Dogs are friendly, smart, and adventurous, which is why two probably found their way into the White House with their owner Barack Obama.
But, what makes these dogs unique is their webbed feet. There are a few breeds with webbed feet, which helps them swim. And with a name like Portuguese Water Dog, it’s no surprise you can regularly find this breed swimming around in a local waterhole.
The ultimate swimming companion can cost you around $1,500 to $2,500. But, you’re guaranteed years and years of endless fun, both in and out of the water.
This Breed Comes With a Hefty Price Tag
The ferocious-looking Dogo Argentino guard dog is a big softie, especially with their favorite humans. 
These dogs were initially bred for big game hunting, animals like wild boar, puma, and mountain lions. This selective breeding made them serious athletes even to this day, and with that comes a need for physical and mental activity. 
The AKC recently recognized the breed, and if you’re thinking about adding a Dogo Argentino to the family, you’ll need $1,500 to $2,500 as well as money for consistent and extensive training.
More Volatile than Other Breeds
 Did you know that Chow Chows are one of the rarest and oldest dog breeds in the world? This native Chinese breed are some of the fluffiest things on the planet. So, it doesn’t surprise us that although their starting price is $1,500, these dogs can be more like $11,000 depending on their bloodline. 
And if you thought their initial downpayment was enough, Chow Chows are even more expensive to maintain and are susceptible to a range of health issues. 
However, please remember that this breed is stubborn, hard to train, and can occasionally turn on their owners, so keep that in mind before you purchase one.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Sadly the Staffordshire Bull Terrier regularly gets confused with dogs such as Pitbulls, Bull Terriers, and American Staffordshire Terriers. And although they do have a history with blood sports, the Staffie is actually an extremely sweet-natured dog. 
These guard dogs will not only protect your house, but they’re also extremely loving and will be by your side through thick and thin.
Irish Wolfhound
Irish Wolfhounds are another sighthound to make the list, and these gentle giants are one of the tallest. Their 32-inch height at the shoulder gives them an advantage over other sighthounds as they can see further than their shorter cousins. 
Being one of the tallest sighthound breeds, they’re also one of the heaviest, weighing in at around 120 pounds.
Their coat, although wirey, is incredibly soft to the touch and gives the breed their unique old man look.
Rottweilers were once herding dogs who would guard, drive, and hold cattle for their owners. Now, however, they’re regularly used by the military and by police forces for search and rescue missions, as guard dogs, and in K-9 units.
As with many big dogs, Rottweilers need consistent training to make them good family pets. They’re powerful, eager to learn, and extremely affectionate.
Golden Retrievers
Everyone loves a Golden Retriever, and how could you not with their beautiful shiny coats. This breed has made its way up there as one of the most popular dog breeds in America and the UK, where it first originated. 
The Scottish gun dog can be trained to do pretty much anything, from working as a service dog to even winning first place in obedience competitions.
In our opinion, they’re worth their $1,200 to $2,000 price tag, and with an average life expectancy of 1o to 12 years, you’ll get more than your money’s worth.
Spinone Italiano
The Spinone Italiano is not only adorable with their shaggy coats, distinguished beards, and large droopy ears, but they’re also incredible hunters.
This breed boasts endurance on the hunting field, showcases astonishing speed, and uses its intelligence to set itself apart from the rest. 
We don’t know whether it’s their good looks or hunting abilities that can make them cost up to $2,000. But, what we do know is that they’re affectionate dogs that are highly trainable and socialize well with other animals.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Spaniels make excellent pets, and the Cavalier King Charles makes no exception. These soft, small, and fun-loving pups are sure to win your heart over. From their gorgeous long ears to their affectionate personalities that are sensitive to their owner’s needs, the Cavalier King Charles is hard not to love. 
A CKC puppy ranges from $1,000 to $2,500, but their coats that need regular grooming and their series of health issues will bump that price up even further over the years.
Bernese Mountain Dog
Bernese Mountain Dogs are simply big balls of fun that make the perfect addition to any family. If you’re looking for a large dog that is affectionate, easily trained, and good with children, a Berner could be for you.
Their versatility puts the breed on the most expensive dog breed list. They can do everything from guarding your home to excelling in agility courses. 
If you have $1,000 to $2,000 to spare, then you can buy the unconditional love of a Bernese Mountain Dog.
Do not confuse this breed with a greater swiss mountain dog. They are very different breeds.
Biewer Terrier
Weirdly enough, the name Biewer is pronounced as “beaver.” And although this breed resembles nothing of a beaver, it actually got its name from its original breeders. 
The Biewer is a Yorkshire Terrier lookalike that the American Kennel Club recognized as an official breed not long ago. Biewer Terriers are the best lap dogs that make great sidekicks for the elderly or families with young children.
Saint Bernard
Another expensive big ball of fluff is the St.Bernard, which are a rugged mountain dog breed. If you’re an avid adventurist, then the St. Bernard would be the ultimate companion for you.
Originally from the Swiss Alps, the St. Bernards’ job was to rescue people trapped in the snow due to avalanches. Nowadays, they settle into being a part of the family and barely require much exercise.
When it comes to price to weight ratio, you strike a bargain with the St. Bernard. These 120 – 200 pound dogs can cost between $1,000 to $1,500 on average, which isn’t too bad in our opinion.
Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs
Another Swiss breed is the Great Swiss Mountain Dog, whose ancestors helped the St. Bernard and the Rottweiler breed develop. 
Looking at all three breeds side by side, you can see the resemblance in their tri-color coats and their muscular physiques. People still use Great Swiss Mountain Dogs for working purposes as this breed thrives when it has a job to do.
The last of our most expensive dog breeds to make the list is the Akita. The Japanese breed has a dense undercoat and a thick outer layer of fur to keep it warm in cold climates. They also feature webbing between their toes that once served them when hunting in the snowy mountains.
Today, people use Akitas as watchdogs and protectors. As their coat is so thick, they only thrive in cold countries. Especially cold countries with snow.
It truly is astonishing how much people will pay for their fluffed up little (or large) companion. From the giant Tibetan Mastiff down to the tiny Biewer Terrier, there are numerous breeds that’ll hurt your bank balance but will make up for it with endless amounts of love.
As we finish up today, we’re interested to know what you think about the most expensive dog breeds. Do you think they’re worth their price tags? And, do you have one of the breeds we’ve mentioned today? Let us know in the comment section down below!
I had a newfoundland. He lived to be 12 and a half years old. He was the biggest lap dog we’ve ever had and the most loving cuddling boy! And he didn’t drool!
Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a puppy that you will not show and/or breed, please visit your local shelter or animal rescue group. You will receive lots of love and the same companionship from these lonely tailwaggers. Give them a good home.
Otherwise I have owned an Irish Wolfhound. He was beautiful inside and out. Sadly they don’t live very long and Clancy died at 5 years old. Heartbreaking. I have had many hounds through the years many of which were hunters throw always. Sad but true. Beagles are fun and good with people. My everyday hounds that showed up and stayed were great companions and very loving. I now have a 6 lb chihuahua that didn’t meet the breeder’s expectations and gave her to me. She is the cutest little girl, but she thinks she is a pit bull. She only loves my husband and me. No sharing. I love all dogs and will never be without one or two or whatever.
We have had Scottish terriers, German Shepherds, labs, and beagles. The only dogs we purchased were the Scottie’s. The rest were rescues. All of them were as sweet as can be and I wouldn’t sell them for anything.
I had several Sammies over the years and all different personalities . Very affection and a good family dog. Now have two rescues Corgi and Aussie mix. Very active and people friendly.
DON’T SHOP, ADOPT!!! Animal shelters and rescue groups are full to capacity!!! Every freaking one of the breeds mentioned in this article has a rescue group. As a matter of fact, if a breed is recognized by the AKC there’s a rescue group.
I do not have one of the above dogs. I have Pembroke Corgi and paid $2500 for him.
We have 2 Golden Retrievers
One is a male American GR and the other is a female English Cream GR . We paid $1,000.00 for the male and the breeder gave us the female after she had puppies.
They are the best and sweetest dogs! They are worth the cost to care and feed them!
What about the designer dogs like the Labradoodles, and golden doodles? They are very expensive.
I don’t own any of these breeds but there are several I am just plain nuts about. Dog ownership is not practical for me right now, perhaps in the future.However I feel that if you want a dog and if any of these breeds fit your needs and/or are a good match for your family then they are a bargain. As to the cost for these breeds what is it Bugsy Siegel said “What is money? It’s just dirty paper and you can always make more of it.
Most pure breed dogs are at least 1000 dollars
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