Gurgaon: Desilting of master stormwater drains underway to curb waterlogging during monsoon – The Indian Express

The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) Tuesday said it was carrying out extensive work pertaining to desilting of the city’s master stormwater drains along with regular cleaning of water chutes, road gullies, drain mouths and culverts to help curb waterlogging concerns during the monsoon.
Officials said debris, fallen leaves, garbage, silt and other foreign particles tend to clog drains which inhibit the free flow of stormwater during the monsoon leading to waterlogging.
In its core planning cell meeting on Tuesday, CEO GMDA Sudhir Rajpal approved a proposal for cleaning and desilting of 1.4-km-long leg-2 carrier drain near Dwarka expressway and village Dharampur.
Officials said that at present, desilting work was ongoing on almost 6.2 km length of several master stormwater drains in the city which include the 1.2 km drain length on sector dividing Road 47/49, 2 km drain from Subhash chowk to Marble market, 1.7 km drain length from Vatika chowk to Sispal Vihar, the drain from Sispal Vihar to Tikri Village and 900 metres drain length from Tikri village to Subhash chowk. Work has also been allotted to agencies for the desilting of over a total length of 9.2 km of master storm water drains along dividing roads in sectors 40/41, 31/41, 31/30, 43/44, 32/38, 38/39, 32/39, 45/52, 46/51 and on 47/50, added officials.
“Three new projects are in the pipeline wherein the tendering process has been completed and work is under allotment. These include desilting of a total of 6.4 km of drains on the sector dividing roads of 49/50, 51/52 & 52/57, 50/51 and 51/57. Work on these stretches will begin soon,” said executive engineer, GMDA, Vikram Singh.
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