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With just a week to go before Delhi University reopens and physical classes begin, colleges said students have reached out to them expressing apprehensions about returning to campus even as several of them also seem excited for the same.

One of the main concerns is from first-year students, for whom exams begin in the second week of March. There is no clarity yet if these will now be held offline with campus reopening or in the online mode as was originally planned. Dean Examinations D S Rawat said a meeting will be held by officials Friday to take a decision: “We will hold a meeting tomorrow evening; until then I cannot comment on what should happen.”
Hansraj College Principal Rama said the college got several emails from students, especially those in the first year, who had expressed reservations about coming back. “Our hostel is already cleaned and sanitised regularly so that will continue. The main question, however, is how many students return. First-year exams are just around the corner, so they are stressed. We don’t want to pressure them more or force them to come back. If they are not able to return, we will figure out a way to work around it. We have already floated a Google form for those interested in availing hostel facilities. We have told them to respond by the 15th, so we’ll get an idea on how many students will come to campus,” she said.
“A majority of emails are from students saying they won’t be able to come. We will always put them first, so study material, teaching, everything will be accommodated accordingly. We get around 60% students from outside Delhi so we have to keep that in mind. Those in Delhi are keener on coming, so we will see how it goes,” she added.
Daulat Ram College Principal Savita Roy also said the college had begun preparations to re-open: “Our library was already functional so that is not a problem. We have to float a tender for the canteen, and until the process is completed, we will make temporary arrangements for tea, coffee, etc. The hostel will not open as it is under construction.”
Roy said while she had received enthusiastic responses from some students, there were also apprehensions from both first- and third- year students. “About 70% of our students are outstation. First-year students are worried that they will take time to settle in and their exams will start soon after. Final-year students have two concerns: First, that they have to sit for competitive exams for which they have picked their local cities as the centres. Secondly, there are only two months left for their course to finish so it would create an economic burden to travel to Delhi just for this,” she said.

Kirori Mal College Principal Vibha Chauhan said any problems associated with reopening would be faced by students more than colleges: “Cleaning is already being carried out in hostels. We used this time to get repairs done and we will initiate fresh painting in a little while. We are now preparing for applications for hostels. We will also float a tender for the canteen; it may take around 15 days for it to function. In the meantime, we may put a stall for tea, coffee, snacks. The library will have to be cleaned since it was under construction.”
She said the college has received responses of both kinds — of students wanting to come back, and those expressing misgivings. “Some have said they need more time. We have to support such students since they have valid concerns,” said Chauhan.
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