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The Committee is of the considered view that admissions may be carried out through a Common Entrance Test: Officials
NEW DELHI : Delhi University (DU) is set to take entrance examinations for admissions from 2022, officials confirmed on Friday.
The decision was approved by the executive council (EC) on Friday. The academic council meeting was held on December 10 and it had already approved the proposal.
The executive council (EC), which is the highest decision-making body of the university, approved the proposal to hold entrance examination despite dissent by some members of the council.
A nine-member panel constituted by DU vice-chancellor Yogesh Singh had recommended that the varsity should hold entrance examinations through a Common Entrance Test to ensure substantial objectivity in the process of admission.
Suggestion was made amid controversy over high number of cent per cent scorers from the Kerala Board getting admission to the varsity.
The committee formed under the chairmanship of Dean (examinations) D S Rawat was supposed to examine the reasons for over and under admissions to undergraduate courses, study board-wise distribution of admissions in all undergraduate courses, suggest alternative strategies for optimal admissions in undergraduate courses, and examine OBC admissions with reference to the non-creamy layer’ status.
“The Committee is of the considered view that admissions may be carried out through a Common Entrance Test (CET),” said the report.
“It may be conducted through an appropriate mode by the university through a well devised internal arrangement or through any external agency depending upon prevailing operational feasibility and administrative convenience at that time followed by declaration of list of eligible candidates for admissions under various course of study,” said the committee in its report.
(With inputs from PTI)
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