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The Delhi government on Tuesday launched a song summarising the government’s education vision and plans to incorporate it into the daily learning activities in its schools.
Speaking at the launch, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that the song reflects the vision of the Delhi government, which aims to educate students about communal harmony, patriotism, and women empowerment, alongside other concepts and life skills.
The song, titled “Irada Kar Liya Hai Humne”, was released by Mr. Sisodia at the Thyagaraj Stadium and the event was attended by hundreds of students and teachers from Delhi government schools.
Speaking to heads of schools, Mr. Sisoida, who also holds the Education portfolio, said the purpose of releasing the song was not to make students learn it by rote or have them sing it every day but to use it as a guide to impress upon them the importance of education and becoming a better citizen.
“Our purpose is to not only provide world-class infrastructure, improve results, learning outcomes but much beyond that. Our purpose is to prepare students to be good and socially responsible citizens who are dedicated to work for the development of the nation. Our aim is to make students efficient enough to question the wrong and injustice in society,” the Minister said.

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