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India-UAE travel guideline: Passengers who have taken both doses and have completed nine months since the second dose will be considered partially vaccinated
India-UAE travel rules: Air Indian express has revised the travel guidelines for Kuwait-bound passengers. The latest guideline has been issued for fully vaccinated passengers travelling to Kuwait, according to the airline. As per the new guidelines, all passengers (except visa on arrival in Kuwait) with valid travel documents can enter the state of Kuwait despite vaccination status. Moreover, fully vaccinated travellers (only vaccine approved by the Kuwait government) will not require to take the RT-PCR test to travel to Kuwait. But, partially vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers will have to undertake the RT-PCR test to travel to Kuwait.
It must be noted that those passengers who have taken both doses and have completed nine months since the second dose will be considered partially vaccinated.
The partially vaccinated and unvaccinated air travellers will also have to self-isolate themselves for seven days, the guideline added.
#FlyWithIX : Revised Travel Guidelines for Kuwait-bound passengers✈️

The rules mentioned below will come into effect from 20th February 2022.#ExpressUpdate #TravelUpdate #AirIndiaExpress #KuwaitUpdate
This month, the Indian government also eased the travelling rule for international passengers in view of the reduction in Covid cases. the foreign travellers arriving in India will not require to undergo mandatory weeklong quarantine. Besides, the mandatory 72-hour report of RT-PCR is not required anymore and the travellers can show their full Vaccination Certificate.
However, post-arrival only 2% of the total passengers in a flight will undergo random testing at the airport.
If travellers under self-health monitoring develop signs and symptoms suggestive of COVID-19, they will immediately self-isolate and report to their nearest health facility or call the national helpline number (1075)/ state helpline number.
Travellers will have to submit complete and factual information in self-declaration form on the online air portal Suvidha before the scheduled travel, including the last 14 days’ travel details.
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