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Business owner, influencer, and now OnlyFans creator.
Tammy Tay first announced that she was joining OnlyFans in July and since then, she’s been earning quite a sum.
If you didn’t know, OnlyFans allow creators to earn money by selling content to paid subscribers. These contents usually include explicit Not-Safe-For-Work (NSFW) pictures or videos, but do not always have to be.
When Tammy revealed the new industry that she was joining, many of her friends contacted her, wondering why she did that.
Turns out, she did it to keep her business running.
“I gotta make ends meet,” she shared.
The 30-year-old recently appeared on a popular talk show, Just Saying, and was interviewed on an episode of Can Ask Meh? on Our Grandfather Story.
The influencer owns two businesses, a facial salon and a “pamper parlour” in Joo Chiat.
But because of COVID-19 and safe distancing measures, the businesses started losing five-figures for months.
And Tammy did not want to fire her staff or close her stores to stop the losses.
So she took up a hefty five-year loan.
Thanks to her hustle on OnlyFans, she shared that she’ll probably be able to pay off the full amount in 10 months.
It costs US$11.11 (S$15.89) to subscribe to her on OnlyFans.
For the hardcore fans, they can access a telegram chat with her at $40, where she prioritises those who tip her more.
But her main source of income comes from her Pay-Per-View videos.
The influencer did not give an exact amount, but she shared that she was earning around five figure a month.
Tammy also dabbled in NFTs around the start of the year but is currently taking a break from it.
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Almost a year ago, Titus Low was arrested for posting content on OnlyFans.
And while there were many other Singaporeans who did the same, he was the only one caught and charged which sparked a public debate.
According to Singapore Legal Advise, it was probably because he was the only one who had a specific complaint for him and the prosecution determined that the case was quite serious.
Despite that, many other Singaporeans are still uploading content on the platform as OnlyFans lies on a grey area and not many know where the line is drawn.
Officially, those uploading “obscene content” is liable to a punishment of up to 3 months jail or fine, or both.
Featured Image: Instagram (ohsofickle)
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