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Benefitting Charitable Causes Since 2007
Today we bring you an opportunity to donate to a great cause, with the massive perk of being entered in a sweepstake to win a limited edition bike. 
This ain’t any ol’ bike, either…
Say hello to Indian’s FTR Championship Edition Street Bike – one of a limited-run 400 units that were punted out around March of this year.
Discloser: we have an affiliate relationship with Dream Giveaway and receive a small commission if you choose to purchase tickets through our links. This link is our affiliate link (and gives you bonus tickets at no cost). This link is not an affiliate link.  
Celebrating Indian’s fifth back-to-back victory, Dream Giveaway’s latest swoon-worthy addition to the podium is the latest 2022 FTR, slapped with a butt-load of carbon fiber and special-edition paint. 
The top-notch details go all the way down to the championship badge at the tank bezel, with other accouterments (titanium Akrapovič Exhaust and fully adjustable front forks and piggyback shock) dressing Indian’s 1203cc v-twin heart capable of 120hp @ 8250rpm and 88.5ft-lb of torque @ 6000rpm.
All in all, a beauty of a beast to own – and you’d be doing the following charities a favor by signing up for the fun: 
“redefining foster care in our community, one child at a time.”
“Our mission is to recognize American Veterans for their sacrifice and service by flying them FREE OF CHARGE to Washington, D.C.  to visit and reflect at the memorials dedicated in their honor.”
“…focused on one goal: ending impaired driving for good.”
“The purpose of NGEF is to achieve an awareness of the rich heritage and continuing contributions of the National Guard of the United States through a rich programmatic portfolio.”
“Since 2003, Smile Network has performed thousands of surgeries in 13 countries on five continents. Our staff, volunteers, donors and supporters are passionate about giving their time, talent and resources to help improve the lives of others across the globe.”
“Victory Junction is a medically safe, yet exhilarating camp, that challenges children who have a serious medical condition to try things they never imagined possible.”
Eager to sign up?
Here are the prices of the tickets. The more you snatch, the bigger the bonus – and hey, it’s not every day that DG pays the prize taxes if you’re the winner, just saying: 
1 Ticket – $3.00
5 Tickets – $10.00
20 Tickets – $25.00 + 20 Tickets
28 Tickets – $35.00 + 28 Bonus Tickets
40 Tickets – $50.00 + 40 Bonus Tickets
65 Tickets – $75.00 + 65 Bonus Tickets
100 Tickets – $100.00 + 100 Bonus Tickets
230 Tickets – $200.00 + 230 Bonus Tickets
360 Tickets – $300.00 + 360 Bonus Tickets
500 Tickets – $400.00 + 500 Bonus Tickets
650 Tickets – $500.00 + 650 Bonus Tickets
1000 Tickets – $750.00 + 1000 Bonus Tickets
1350 Tickets – $1,000.00 + 1350 Bonus Tickets
2050 Tickets – $1,500.00 + 2050 Bonus Tickets
3500 Tickets – $2,500.00 + 3500 Bonus Tickets
7200 Tickets – $5.000.00 + 7200 Bonus Tickets
Indian’s FTR Championship Edition Street Bike, which is currently up for grabs in an all-new sweepstake from Dream Giveaway. Media sourced from Indian.
Let us know if you tossed in a coin or two – we love hearing from you, and adore supporting the beautiful causes of charities around the world. 
Be sure to head over to the sweepstake herself to check out the finer details of the event; subscribe to our newsletter where the best of the latest is hand-curated by our main man, for you, twice a week, good luck in the sweepstakes, and as ever – stay safe on the twisties. 
“Indian’s 203cc v-twin heart capable of 120hp @ 8250rpm and 88.5ft-lb of torque @ 6000rpm”…
yeah, that would be really impressive if she wasn’t 1203cc )) but she’s a beauty still
Hey Vitaly,
Autocorrect is killing me today…
Thanks for catching that grammar misstep, and what do you think of the bike?

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