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Multiple school facilities locked down following active shooter report at Skyline Middle School eventually determined to be hoax
Shenandoah University receives Virginia Values Veterans Certification
VDOT: Warren County Traffic alert for September 19 – 23, 2022
Front Royal Town Council Candidates Forum held at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
None injured in emergency aircraft landing on I-66 in Warren County Saturday morning
County Planning Commission recommends data center zoning ordinance amendment to allow data centers by right in industrial and light industrial zones
After hour delay to achieve a quorum, council quickly approves three CUP requests, two for Short-Term Rentals, before convening to work session
Broadband service expansion timeline, costs presented to supervisors prior to Closed Session, including discussion of ‘abolition’ of a sanitary district and non-annexation agreement with Town
Town to spend nearly $33,000 on new compensation study
McFadden cites Town Code to question legal authority of mayor regarding Town personnel matters – But does it really matter?
Town Talk: A conversation with Lt. Robbie Seal and Sgt Terry Fritts – Warren County Sheriff’s Office
Town Talk: A conversation with Fern Vazquez, Christy McMillin-Goodwin, and Rick Hewett – CHEO Community Garden
Town Talk: A conversation with Tony Carter, Archivist – Warren Heritage Society
Town Talk: A conversation with Michelle Ross, Michal Ashby and Erin Rooney – Samuels Public Library – September Activities
Town Talk: A conversation with Lorne Fyfe, Rivermont Baptist Church – Fall Festival on September 10, 2022
Hometown Faces: Meet Scott Reid
Hometown Faces: Meet Suzanne Silek
Hometown Faces: Meet John Marlow
Hometown Faces: Meet Harry Bowen – soon to be 100
WATCH: Faces of Our Valley – Selah Theatre Project, Glory Bea!
Front Royal Town Council Candidates Forum held at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
Local Republican James Bergida enters race for Virginia Senate District 1
Meet the Candidates: Delores R. Oates, Virginia House of Delegates, District 31
Meet the Candidates: Merritt Hale, US Congress, 6th District
Lance Allen announces candidacy for Virginia’s First Senate District
‘Riopalooza’ celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month & Shenandoah Watershed this Saturday at Elizabeth Furnace Rec Area noon to 6 PM
Save the Date: Third annual Vera Bradley Bag Bingo Fundraiser – Friday, October 7th
Real Estate and Community News (August/September 2022) with Jen Avery, REALTOR
SAR participates in 9/11 Commemoration
Samuels Library to celebrate the life of long-time employee
Smithfield, VA man arrested for soliciting underage victims in Front Royal
Six arrests in forged gaming ticket scam announced by FRPD
Skeletal remains found in suspicious circumstance identified as Shannon Lee Fox
Ressie Jeffries Elementary School placed in lockdown
Front Royal Police respond to brandishing incident at Royal Plaza
Smithfield, VA man arrested for soliciting underage victims in Front Royal
POLICE: 7 Day FRPD Arrest Report 9/12/2022
POLICE: 7 Day FRPD Arrest Report 8/29/2022
POLICE: 7 Day FRPD Arrest Report 8/22/2022
POLICE: 7 Day FRPD Arrest Report 8/15/2022
Legal Notice: Hydroelectric application has been filed with the Commission and is available for public inspection
EDA: Request for Qualifications for the provision of debt collection legal services
EDA: Invitation to bid; roof replacement
Special Commissioners Sale Saturday, October 5, 2019: Two adjoining tracts 42 & 41 acres
Front Royal Town Council accepting resumes for vacant council seat
UPDATE: Paving continues on North Royal Avenue
Town Notice: Road closure – North Commerce Avenue, 6th Street to Royal Avenue; paving continues
Town Notice: Road closure – North Royal Avenue and 6th Street
Town Notice: Paving on North Royal starts July 18
Poe joins EDA civil defendants in motions to nullify civil liability verdicts; Tran counsel granted additional time to file their motion to overturn jury verdict
FR-WC EDA finalizes $5.7-million sale of Baugh Drive warehouse to Shahi Foods
Warren County EDA tackles multi-faceted August meeting Action Agenda
EDA Board Chairman Jeff Browne reacts to July civil litigation results ordering total of over $13.35 million paid to the County Economic Development Authority
Jury awards WC EDA $11.9 million-plus in civil compensatory claims against ITFederal and Truc ‘Curt’ Tran
EDA Board Chairman Jeff Browne reacts to July civil litigation results ordering total of over $13.35 million paid to the County Economic Development Authority
Jury awards WC EDA $11.9 million-plus in civil compensatory claims against ITFederal and Truc ‘Curt’ Tran
EDA civil liability defendant ‘Curt’ Tran on witness stand for over 4-1/2 hours as trial heads into final day
EDA vs. Tran/ITFederal civil liability and counterclaim trial heads into third day with defense poised to call final series of witnesses
First day of $11-million EDA vs. ‘Curt’ Tran civil liability trial concludes
Chamber welcomes Kells Belles to Front Royal
Chamber welcomes Garcia & Gavino to Front Royal
Local Senior Center reopens with new location and new name
Quality Title moves to a new home in Front Royal
Grand re-opening & ribbon cutting at Royal Cinemas
Warner & Kaine secure nearly $135 million for Virginia in Senate FY2023 budget bills
Warner & Kaine celebrate Inflation Reduction Act becoming law
Warner & Kaine announce more than $2.1 million in funding to address COVID-19 in rural Virginia communities
Kaine, Murkowski, Sinema, and Collins introduce legislation to codify Roe v. Wade
Sixth District Perspectives with Congressman Ben Cline – July 29, 2022
U.S. Senate delays same-sex marriage vote until after midterm elections
Maryland becomes haven for out-of-state abortion seekers, providers
U.S. senators criticize federal health officials for lagging monkeypox response
U.S. Senate Republicans shy away from proposed 15-week national abortion ban
Biden pitches ‘moonshot’ to cut the number of cancer deaths in half
Former Virginia ABC employee pleads guilty in liquor leak case
Virginia is sending out millions of $250 tax rebates. Here’s how to find out if you’ll get one.
LGBTQ students push back on new transgender policy and more Va. headlines
New state funding could help freshwater mussels make a comeback
Regulators approve Dominion bill increase for rising fuel costs; Appalachian Power also seeking hike
Playoff Game 2 : Front Royal Cardinals vs Woodstock River Bandits – July 27
Rescheduled: Front Royal Cardinals vs Strasburg Express – Monday, July 25
Front Royal Cardinals vs Purceville Cannons – Thursday, July 21
Front Royal Cardinals vs New Market Rebels – Sunday, July 24
CANCELED: Valley Baseball League: All Star Game at the “Bing” – Sunday, July 17th
WCHS vs William Monroe – Girls Volleyball – September 20, 2022
WCHS vs Handley – Girls Volleyball – September 19, 2022
WCHS vs Harrisonburg – Girls Volleyball – September 15, 2022
WCHS JV vs Fauquier County – September 14, 2022
WCHS JV Football: Warren County vs Strasburg – September 8
Skyline High School Graduation – Saturday, May 28, 2022
Skyline High School Class of 2021 Graduation Ceremony
Baccalaureate service for graduating seniors
Skyline vs Independence High School, February 12, 2021 at 6 PM in the third round of the Region 3B Basketball Tournament
Skyline vs James Monroe High School, February 9, 2021 at 6 PM in the second round of the Region 3B Basketball Tournament
Warren County Middle School vs Skyline Middle School – Girls Basketball, October 4, 2021
Warren County Middle School vs Frederick County Middle School – Girls Basketball, September 27, 2021
Warren County Middle School vs Daniel Morgan Middle School – Girls Basketball, September 23, 2021
Warren County Middle School vs Admiral Richard E. Byrd Middle School – Girls Basketball, September 20th, 2021
Warren County Middle School Academic Honors Ceremony – 8th Grade
Warren County Middle School vs Skyline Middle School – Girls Basketball, October 4, 2021
Skyline Middle School Academic Honors Ceremony – 8th Grade
Skyline Middle School Academic Honors Ceremony – 7th Grade
Skyline Middle School Academic Honors Ceremony – 6th Grade
Skyline Middle School vs Daniel Morgan, June 3rd – Girls Volleyball
Hilda J. Barbour Elementary School – 5th Grade Graduation Event
WATCH: E. Wilson Morrison Elementary School – 5th Grade Graduation Parade
WATCH: Ressie Jeffries Elementary School – 5th Grade Graduation Parade
WATCH: Leslie Fox Keyser Elementary School – 5th Grade Graduation Parade
House selling: should you ever disclose the details of a competing offer?
Good news for buyers as home prices cool
Should you buy an existing home or build new?
The pros and cons of refinancing your mortgage
Buying a home within your means: what does it mean?
OPEN HOUSE: 159 High Point Court, Front Royal – This Saturday, April 2nd
House for sale: 159 High Point Court, Front Royal
House for sale: 104 Foam Flower, Lake Frederick
Property for sale: 425 N Royal Ave, Front Royal – Watch the tour!
House for sale: 361 Walnut Drive, Front Royal – Watch the tour!
Start your day with a smile
Start your day with a smile
Start your day with a smile
Start your day with a smile
Start your day with a smile
Apple orchards make fun outings
A beginner’s guide to wild turkey hunting
The first day of autumn is September 22
The infamous chorizo tweet and what it teaches
Astronauts lose bone in space
2015 Ford F-150
2015 Cadillac Escalade ESV Premium
2017 Toyota Corolla LE CVT
2011 Toyota Sienna Limited 7-passenger
2011 Chevrolet Silverado1500
The Abortion Decision II
The Abortion Decision
Price of Progress
Religious Intolerance 2022
To Censor or not to Censor, that is a Difficult Question
The Cracked Acorn: Am I Crazy?
The Cracked Acorn: The Bible
The Cracked Acorn: The Un-Truth
The Cracked Acorn: Wealth
The Cracked Acorn: Time Wings
Should I Choose Passion or Duty?
Why we should be ‘Babyish’ in Love
The School of Life: How to Stop Playing Games in Love
The School of Life: How You Can Be Too Clever
9/11: a personal memoir
Looking Back: A Mothers Revenge – Hannah Duston
Ben Franklin and his miraculous lightning rod
The Year Without A Summer : “Eighteen Hundred & Froze To Death”
America’s veterans remembered and honored for their service across the years
How much do you know about Veterans Day?
5 meaningful ways to celebrate Veterans Day
5 ways to celebrate Veterans Day
The 11hour of the 11th day of the 11th month – Veterans Day 2020
Real Estate and Community News (August/September 2022) with Jen Avery, REALTOR
Real Estate and Community News (July/August 2022) with Jen Avery, REALTOR
Donations to aid Kentucky still accepted at Aders Insurance Agency
Rugged Terrain Crossfit takes home the trophy at the Waggin’ for Dragons 2022 race
Community groups and businesses donate almost 500 backpacks
The Rotary Club of the Northern Shenandoah Valley hosting blood drive
Help replenish the blood supply after holiday weekend
Community Blood Drive to be held this Wednesday, March 3rd
Santa Claus is coming to Town, Warren County!
A “COVID Christmas” message from Santa
Warren Heritage Society announces the publication of their newest book, “Coming Together”
Send bracelets to quarantined residents of Commonwealth Assisted Living in Front Royal through WeAreSPACE.org
Warren’s Heritage: Native American History-Part 10
Warren’s Heritage: Native American History-Part 9
Warren’s Heritage: Native American History-Part 8
Breakfast with Barry Lee – Dishing out ample servings of positivity, humor, and community spirit.
4 strategies for retaining your employees
Odd jobs: How the mud man makes baseballs fly right
Cloud computing: the environmental impact of the virtual world
How buying local can help your business
Before Amazon, Sears disrupted retail
4 strategies for retaining your employees
Tips for negotiating a salary proposal
Demand for truckers is on the rise
Immigrants: transfer your skills to boost your career
4 little-known jobs in agriculture
How to know if you’re buying local food
Local producers: Barriers to buying local
Apple and salt pork pie satisfies the sweet tooth
How to safely handle and cook poultry
Barbecue grilled sweet corn
3 questions to help you learn more about barn cats
4 farm safety tips
Agriculture: What does it mean to “make the rounds”?
What’s community-supported agriculture (CSA)?
How to safely handle and cook poultry
September is Cholesterol Education Month: Time to check up on LDLs and HDLs
Meat diet draws fire; proponents defend
Astronauts lose bone in space
4 tips for a successful manicure
Overview of the main types of diabetes
Trendy colors in 2022-23
Sick building syndrome: symptoms and prevention
4 ways to store your kitchen knives
What to do if a fire breaks out
3 reasons to consider polished concrete for your kitchen
Is 70 the happiest age?
Alcohol consumption as a senior: 3 risk factors
10 ways for seniors to keep busy
5 ideas for a dream retirement vacation
4 symptoms you shouldn’t ignore
Create your own book in 5 steps
Do you know Louis Braille?
5 tips for camping in your backyard
3 ways to have fun with soap bubbles
How well do you know your summer sports?
Things to know before adopting a shelter pet
Shedding in dogs: what you need to know
Preventive care: How to keep cats and dogs healthy
5 tips for driving with your pet this summer
What you need to know about head pressing in pets
5 ideas for a dream retirement vacation
5 passport tips
How to prepare for a solo trip
5 good reasons to book your cruise early
Traveling for English-only speakers
How to inspect your vehicle’s oil in 7 easy steps
5 car noises you should never ignore
Today’s economy dictates a new way of driving
One flaw made Tesla’s autos easy to steal
Slow down!
The first day of autumn is September 22
4 farm safety tips
5 car noises you should never ignore
Demand for truckers is on the rise
How to safely handle and cook poultry
Does your child need a new pair of sneakers for gym class? Here are three tips to help you make the right choice.
1. Check the quality of the ankle support. Sports shoes must provide ankle stability to prevent sprains, especially when doing lateral movements. Look for a multisport or basketball model.
2. Choose flexible and non-slip soles. Flexible shoes help strengthen the muscles in the feet. Additionally, grippy soles can help prevent your child from slipping and getting injured. Make sure you observe school rules concerning non-marking soles.
3. Opt for a shoe with sufficient cushioning. Thick, cushiony shock-absorbing pads on the soles will reduce the effects of repeated impact on the heels.
If you need advice on finding the right size and shoe type for your child, talk to an associate at a local specialty shoe store.
Is an accelerated program right for your child?
On the road to academic success
Does anything taste better than a crisp, ripe apple fresh from the tree? Not really, and unless you have trees in your backyard, the only way to get a just-picked apple is to visit your local orchard and do it yourself.
Decide when you should plan your visit. Earlier is better — many orchards are picked clean before the official end of the season because it’s such a popular activity. You should also consider when different varieties will be available. Call your preferred orchard or visit their website to see if they have that information available. Most orchards are only open to the public on weekends, so don’t count on stopping by on a weekday.
Before you bring home more apples than you can possibly eat, consider how much you really want and what you might do with them. Are they all destined for lunch boxes? Is there an apple pie recipe or three you can try? Do you plan to cook a bushel down to make homemade applesauce?
When you head to the orchard, visit only the designated rows of trees that have been opened for picking. Look at apples closest to the outside of the three — those ripen first. The right color depends on the variety, and the orchard may provide pictures for reference. If not, just look them up on your phone.
When you start picking, lift the apple away from the branch and give it a little twist to release it. Don’t pull — you want the stem to remain on the fruit to help it last longer. Inspect the apple for any nicks or bruises, then place it gently (don’t drop it) into your basket or bag. If you pick an apple and then accidentally drop it on the ground, it’s still fine to pick up, but don’t collect any apples that were already on the ground.
If you’re interested in taking on the challenge of wild turkey hunting, start off on the right foot with these proven tips.
• Study up. Get acquainted with the hunting regulations in your area, such as permit requirements, hunting hours, and authorized equipment.
• Get to know your calls. You can purchase many different turkey calls, including the slate pan, swing-lid box, or diaphragm. However, you don’t need them all. It is important to practice with them and rely on the one you use best.
• Practice shooting. Pulling off a fatal shot on a turkey is not always easy. Therefore, it’s best to practice on life-size models.
• Observe. Watch for turkeys at the end of the day. They roost in trees, which can help you locate them at dawn. Feathers and droppings under mature trees are excellent clues as to where you can find them.
• Use decoys. Two or three decoys are ideal for attracting turkeys. They can give you the window of opportunity you need to take your shot.
• Blend into the background. Turkeys have remarkable vision and hearing. Consequently, show as little skin as possible, and keep still. Hiding in a bird blind with a camouflage pattern should work well.
• Have patience. Don’t change your location too quickly if your calls don’t get a response. The silence may not necessarily mean there aren’t turkeys nearby.
Best of luck on your hunt!
In the U.S., wild turkey hunting is regulated by individual states. The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) provides a guide to wild turkey hunting in each state and updates it annually. Visit nwft.org to learn about season dates, bag limits, license costs, and other details.
Autumn is an invisible bridge that begins with the fading delights of summer and slowly reaches into the world of winter.
It’s when most crops are harvested and when the days grow shorter and cooler, especially in northern latitudes. September is the month of the Harvest Moon, a full moon that allows farmers to work later and have more time to bring in their crops. Gardens are ripped up, but rows of turnips, potatoes, and onions are planted.
Children have strapped on their backpacks and trekked back to school but take time out to select pumpkins, carve their Jack-o’-lanterns and throw themselves into the adventure of Halloween.
This is when tourists hit the road to find, photograph, and enjoy the color palette of fall foliage. These wanderers are often referred to as “leaf peepers.”
Apple trees are heavy with fruit, apple cider stands begin to pop up, and apple pie is a staple on many menus. Family outings to the nearest orchard are common, and kids can pick their own apples and even watch apple cider being made. Getting a taste of the fresh cider is part of the fun.
Tailgate parties hail the arrival of football season. Bonfires proliferate, with some of them turning into traditional hot dog roasts, complete with toasting marshmallows to make s’mores and augmented by a singalong.
Corn mazes offer a scary but exciting escapade, and hayrides are enjoyed by all ages. Scarecrows and cornstalks become part of decorating while squirrels scurry around burying nuts.
It’s autumn. Breathe deeply and enjoy the precious days. As Albert Camus said, “Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.”
Some Twitter users have been humbled, and a scientist has apologized after a simple joke unintentionally revealed just how credulous people can be.
French physicist Etienne Klein recently trolled the Internet by posting up a supposed image of a distant star. Except it was no star, just an ordinary slice of chorizo sausage.
Admittedly, the chorizo did share a somewhat uncanny resemblance with photos of our sun. The problem is that we have no way of collecting high-definition images of distant stars, not even with the recently launched and cutting-edge James Webb telescope.
Consider this: The James Webb telescope recently had its sights trained on Jupiter, and the images stunned many scientists. The details offered were far more nuanced than expected, even rivaling that sliced chorizo. But Jupiter is a mere 380 million miles away — next door in cosmic terms — and it takes light from the sun about 45 minutes to reach the gas giant.
The closest star to our solar system, Proxima Centauri, is about four light years away. In a single year, the light will travel 5.88 trillion miles. Yes, trillion with a T, meaning Proxima Centauri is about 23.5 trillion miles away. Our best telescopes can collect detailed images of objects hundreds of millions of miles away, but with our current technology, there’s no way to get detailed images from objects many trillions of miles away. Keep in mind that Proxima Centauri is practically our neighbor in the cosmic sense.
What does all of this mean? For one, we’re just starting to explore space. And on top of that, a healthy dose of skepticism can go a long way. That includes questioning authority figures, as the chorizo incident so finely illustrates. The internet has made it easy to share information, but that doesn’t mean that everything floating around is true, even if the information comes from an authoritative source.
A few months in space can lead to decades of permanent bone loss, according to a study published in Scientific Reports.
Researchers followed a group of 17 astronauts — 14 men and three women with an average age of 47 — for a year after they returned from four to seven-month missions aboard the International Space Station. All the astronauts experienced significant bone loss — equivalent to about two decades of bone loss for an older adult on Earth. Scans taken a year back on Earth showed that only about half the damage had been reversed for most astronauts.
Weight-bearing bones thin and weaken during spaceflight, and bone rods can eventually disconnect, said Leigh Gabel, study researcher, and professor at the University of Calgary, in an interview with Reuters. While remaining bone connections can be strengthened again, the disconnected spots can’t be rebuilt.
Researchers found that astronauts who prioritized strength training, particularly deadlifts, were more likely to recover bone after their return to Earth.
A deeper understanding of the health effects of microgravity — and how to mitigate those effects — is crucial as humanity sets its eyes toward more ambitious space voyages. One 2020 study in the journal PLOS One indicated that a three-year round trip to Mars could put 33 percent of astronauts at risk for osteoporosis. Astronauts also experience higher solar radiation and fluid shifts that can impact their cardiovascular systems and vision.
Are you curious about hunting migratory birds like snipes, gallinules, mourning doves, ducks, and geese? First, check the regulations in your region to determine what weapons and shots are permitted. Beyond that, here’s a list of other equipment you’ll need to give your hunting party the best chance of success.
• Any required permits
• Bird calls that mimic the songs or cries of your target birds.
• High-quality decoys to attract the birds; the more realistic, the better.
• A warm, wind-proof hunting coat made of a breathable and waterproof material like Gore-Tex. Look for one with a hood to help you watch birds discreetly and keep you warm.
• Hunting waders with a good range of motion to protect you from getting wet.
• A hunting blind to hide you from potential prey.
• Hunting gloves to keep your hands warm and ready to shoot when the moment is right.
To find everything you need for your hunting party or ask for personalized advice, visit a hunting outfitter in your area.
When planning your hunting trip, ensure you know the regulations in your region, like hunting areas and season dates, daily bag limits, and approved bird species.
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