'Why data-driven PR helped Nigerian music scene' – Iseunife Ajayi – Guardian Nigeria


The meteoric rise of the Nigerian music scene, in recent times, has been a result of intentional and data driven marketing over the years, Creative communications specialist, Iseunife Ajayi, has said.
The Founder, The Creative Ally, explained the fact that digital channels such as the music discovery platform, Shazam, as well as digital streaming platforms, and social media services, have been instrumental to helping Nigerians break into more European and American markets.
“Data and Analytics are key! Knowing where your prospects come from is important to any brand. They let you know where to focus your marketing efforts, generate more leads and turn them into customers.
“There are a lot of Afrobeats consumers in European and American markets, and targeting ads at those regions helps to promote the music there. Three decades ago, this would have been ten times as hard. Today, it takes only five minutes. The foreign exchange reality also helps too; because there is more revenue from foreign streaming than from streaming music in Nigeria.”
The acclaimed mogul, popularly known as Shawnife, also called on his counterparts in the industry to consolidate efforts into building music digital discovery channels to help “bring the larger part of the revenue” back to the continent.
Iseunife said, “A lot of these streaming services are owned by foreign companies. It would help us a great deal to localise such goldmines.”

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