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The top three rappers in Vietnam, LK, Datmaniac and B Ray, have joined the blockchain world. In addition, many other big names in the Vietnamese music industry have negotiated with partners to release NFTs in the near future.
According to many experts, LK, Datmaniac and B Ray are the top rappers in the region and have many hits and a large number of fans.
LK is a veteran rapper, one of the first people to lay the foundation for the development of rap music in Vietnam. LK is also known as a judge for Rap Viet Season 2 and King of Rap 2020.
Datmaniac, also a judge for King of Rap 2020, is known as Vietnam’s “speed ghost” with a record of rapping 176 words in 20 seconds. In 2018, Dat became the Vietnamese representative at YO! MTV Rap of MTV Asia.
The other person in this trio is B Ray, who has hits today such as “Ex’s hate me” (with Amee and Masew), “My dear son”… In 2020, B Ray also received a nomination for video of the year for the song “Where is your home” (with Amee) at the Vietnam Dedication Music Award.
LK, Datmaniac and B Ray have been working with SingSing (Blockchain platform connecting singers, music lovers and fans) to release NFTs in the form of master records and NFT Avatar.
This is a significant milestone for the Vietnamese music industry. According to a representative of SingSing, it has also reached agreements with many famous singers in Vietnam and the region to open community activities and issue NFTs on blockchain technology in the near future.
A representative of SingSing told VietNamNet that the music blockchain platform is a strategic partner of OKARA, which is providing singing services for 20,000 karaoke rooms and nearly 200 mini theater rooms at trade centers nationwide.
“On the basis of web 3.0 technology, we can work with singers to build their own community. In that community, every activity of singers and fans creates value and everyone in the community benefits based on their contribution,” said Ms. Tam Le, representative of SingSing.
SingSing, based in Singapore, serves music-loving communities in Southeast Asia, South America and North Africa.
Trong Dat
The year 2021 was said to be disastrous for many industries but Blockchain boomed during the period as all Blockchain-related indexes grew strongly.  
In addition to Axie Infinity, a number of blockchain game projects developed by Vietnamese have attracted many players around the world though they are still in the very early stages of development.


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