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Digital marketer and data analyst, Adedotun Adekanmbi aka DotunOnAMission, has affirmed that digital marketing has helped in the steady growth of Nigerian music.
According to Adekanmbi, marketing and public relations manager of Trace TV, it is only wise for industry stakeholders and key players to jump on the trend of the new marketing tool.
The member, Chartered Institute of Marketing UK, noted that music marketing has shifted from the old trend to an easier, accessible and result-oriented platform.
“It is imperative to give kudos to the advent of new digital trends, because music marketing has shifted from the days of the vinyl where you have to go to the marketers, put your CDs in stores, share flyers, share your demos to radio stations, and to the active online pushing of your music, which are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and the rest.
“Today, you see someone drop a song and the first thing you notice is a demo on TikTok, and it will go viral. I’m taking a cue from one that just dropped – Machala by Carter Efe and Berry Tiga. They dropped a snippet of their song and within 24 hours, it had over 162,000 videos of different users of the song. So, you can see the power of digital trends coming into play in you marketing your music. Record labels are not sleeping on that.” Adekanmbi stated.

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