A song gave voice to the Vietnam War-Paris Civil War, Nike made a bumper profit. A song gave voice to the Vietnam War-Paris Civil War, Nike made a bumper profit – HuntDailyNews.in


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It is said that when Hindustani classical singer Tansen used to sing ‘Raag Deepak’, the lamps would automatically light up. When ‘Raag Malhar’ was sung, it started raining. Tansen was one of the Navaratnas of Akbar’s court. At the same time there was another musician – Baiju Bawra. It is said that when he sang Dhrupad, he would melt to a stone. Both of them drew such a line in the world of music that even today no talk of music in India is complete without taking their names.

It must have happened to you too that while listening to a song, you suddenly cried? Or is the mind very sad but the mood has become good with one song? If yes…then assume that music understands your feelings very well. Music also has the power to control your mood. Music can make you cry, laugh and make you swoon.
first musical instrument nature or human voice
It is believed that music started with natural sound and rhythm. For example, the chirping of birds, the sound of a waterfall and river, the sound of metal hitting another, the wind passing through a hollow-dried stem or the sound of wind hitting ripe crops. Inspired by listening and understanding all these things, man started making music. Such as pinching and clapping.
‘Sahityasangitakalavihinah sakshatpashuh puchchavishanah’ means that without literature, music and art, man is an animal without horns and tail – Bhritarhari
In the Indian tradition, music is considered a means of connecting with God i.e. ‘Sa Kala or Vimuktaye’. In the West, this music is considered a thing of pure joy.
The word music first came into use in 1630.
According to Indian beliefs, the music begins with Shiva’s Damru, Goddess Saraswati’s Veena. The first evidence of music is found in ‘Samveda’. The ‘Samveda’, written in 2000 BC, is a compilation of mantras to be sung. In the Indus Valley Civilization also a bronze dancer sculpture was found. This shows that even 5000 years ago our music and music had been enriched. Later Bharatmuni wrote ‘Natyashastra’. It has musical interpretations. It is also known as the ‘Pancham Veda’. Indian music flourished during the Sultanate period and the Mughal period. This was the time when musicians like Tansen, Baiju Bawra, Swami Haridas, Hariram Vyas, Bisram Khan and Gunasamudra were born.
Let us know what are the famous music styles of the world?
Let us now know, about the dictator Mussolini of the Second World War era and an anecdote related to classical music of India…
Mussolini, the dictator who made people sleepy, fell asleep listening to ‘Raag Bhairavi’
An anecdote related to Italian dictator Mussolini and Indian music is quite famous. The thing is from the year 1933. Mussolini is said to have suddenly suffered from insomnia. He could not sleep at all. Even after several treatments, there was no effect. One of his many sweethearts, a Bengali woman, told him about Indian music.
Then Indian classical singer Pandit Omkarnath Thakur was on a Europe tour. He was the first Indian musician to perform classical singing in Europe. When Thakur reached Rome, Mussolini’s Bengali girlfriend met him, asked for help and called him home. When Pandit Omkarnath reached there, he urged Mussolini to eat vegetarian food that night. After eating, Pandit Omkarnath started singing ‘Raag Poorvi’. Mussolini fell asleep within 15 minutes. He was Mussolini’s guest for several days. During this, when he narrated the raga ‘Chhayanat’ to Mussolini, he started crying. Before leaving, Panditji received two letters from the dictator. In one, he was thanked and in the second letter was an appointment letter to become the music director in his university. However, Pandit Omkarnath politely declined that offer and returned to India.
Folk song sung by women, which became a symbol of revolution all over the world
In Italy, women working in the paddy fields sang a folk song. His pain was mentioned in that folk song. There were daring lines to come out of the pain. The women woven the exploits of the landlord, the challenges related to the work in their songs. This song sung by women in World War II became a symbol of the Italian Revolution after some changes. This folk song emerged as a voice of protest against the dictator Mussolini. After the success against Mussolini, this folk song became a symbol of protest against oppressive power and power around the world. This song in Netflix’s popular series ‘Money Heist’ in the year 2017- ‘Bella Chow’ was used, it became very popular among youths around the world. Now the Indian version of this song has also arrived.
Don’t know the meaning, yet feet start trembling
‘Bella Chow’ Are, ‘Brazil’ or else ‘Kolavari D’ Your feet will also tremble on such songs at one time or another. Some songs of different languages ​​and dialects, which became popular all over the world, people were seen dancing on them. Before people danced on these songs, then they started looking for its meaning. This is because music has no language, no religion and no boundaries.
In the year 2020, a research by Harvard University revealed that music has a set of unique codes and patterns. which is universal. That is, music is produced in more or less the same way around the world. That’s why even if we don’t understand the lyrics of the song, the music entices us at first. Harvard University’s Department of Science worked on this research and the name of this research was ‘University and Diversity in Human Song.’
When the trumpet or trumpet became the symbol of the Greek Revolution
You must be familiar with the instrument ‘trumpet’ used in classical or jazz music. It doesn’t matter if you don’t hear it. In every wedding in the village or city, it is played by the band and orchestra. During the ‘Greek Revolution’ of 1821, the trumpet was used to unite and energize the people at that time to fight against the Ottoman Empire. In the Czech Republic, nationalists used it to spread propaganda.
The Beatles wrote the political revolution song ‘Revolution’ while staying in India
In 1968, there was political upheaval in different countries around the world. On the one hand the Vietnam War, Chinese Cultural Revolution had started, and on the other hand there were riots in London. There was a civil war-like situation in Paris too. In such an environment, the group of English band ‘The Beatles’ was in India for meditation at that time. John Lennon composed the song ‘Revolution’ under the shelter of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The Beatles recorded the song after returning to London. Social changes were advocated in this song, but, this song was against the violence during the revolution.
Nike, a well-known brand of shoes, used this song in their first television commercial. This ad became very popular, after which Nike’s sales doubled. Later many other brands also used this song in their advertisements.
Your genes determine how much you understand music
Rhythm is influenced by not just one, but hundreds of genes. Music researcher Reyna Gordon believes so. Garden has said in his research that tapping, clapping along with swinging to the beat or doing everything in rhythm is in some human’s veins.
In this study, the researchers found that there are 69 genetic variants associated with beat synchronization, which have the ability to harmonize with the music beat.
When RD Burman tuned the sound of the saucer breaking
Music composer RD Burman is known for his experience in addition to excellent music. It is said that he would sit near the window for hours to record the sound of rain during the monsoon. Then later used that voice in his songs. The song ‘Teri Meri Yaari Badi Purani’ from Sharmila Tagore and Sanjeev Kumar starrer ‘Charitaheen’, sung by Asha Bhosle. As an experiment in this song, RD Burman used the sound of breaking of saucer (plate). He got this idea when once the saucer fell in front of him and broke. Similarly, in the song ‘Pyaar Karta Jaa’ from the film ‘Bhoot Bangla’, he recorded the song keeping 5 singers away from each other for the perfect valley echo sound. Whether it’s taking out a melody from an empty beer bottle in the movie ‘Sholay’ or creating a tinkling with a spoon and a glass at the beginning of the song ‘Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo Dil Ko’, he had his best experiences.
Listening to Music at Workplace Keeps Office Negativity Away
Swedish music streaming platform Spotify conducted a survey about music in the year 2021. According to this, 61% of people in the workplace listen to music to increase their productivity and be happy. 90 percent of people believed that they perform better while listening to music, while 88 percent said that they are able to complete their work on time while listening to music.
Music Evolution Consultant and Researcher Dr. Annelie Haake’s PhD on the Effects of Listening to Music in the Office.
Researcher Anneli says that the most common reason for listening to music at workplace is to keep the mood right and stay stress free. Music helps to keep people away from the noise and negativity of the office at the workplace and the person works more focused.
Surgeons listen to rock music to keep calm in the operation theater
A joint survey by Spotify and Figure-1, a knowledge-sharing app for healthcare professionals, revealed that 90 percent of surgeons listen to music during surgery. Most doctors like to listen to rock music. On this question of why rock, a heart transplant doctor from New York said that listening to loud music makes the atmosphere of the operation theater calm. In the survey, a doctor said that during most surgeries, patients are in a state of unconsciousness due to anesthesia. But when we do C-section of women, they request music from us. Sometimes patients also tell their preferences about music, then we play their favorite music.
Hindustani classical music singer Dr. Subhadra Desai tells an anecdote on the connection of doctors and music that she has an acquaintance doctor who works in a big hospital in Delhi. Once before going to the OT, he started feeling restless. He called me and asked me to hum ‘Jab Janki Nath Sahai’. At that time I was going to university. I parked the car on the side and sang that bhajan of Ram to her, after which she went to the operation theater calmly.
Heart-opening doctor listening to ‘Who we had in you agreement’
Heart surgeon Ajit Pradhan of Patna does not start the surgery without listening to many classical singers like Begum Akhtar, Pandit Jasraj, Bhim Sen Joshi at the time of surgery at the operation theatre. While listening to music, he is able to focus on the operation in a better way.
Both Subhadra and Dr. Ajit say that in classical music there is a raga for all times. This is not seen in western music. Is it the right time to listen to music or not? On this question, Dr. Ajit says that there is a fixed time for listening to every raga. On the other hand, Subhadra believes that it depends on the mood of the listeners. Also, the effect of any music is not seen at once. The raga should be heard again and again and it should be assimilated. Ajit also points out that although it is considered only in Hindustani classical music, Carnatic music can be heard at any time.
Women are emotional so music is more effective on them
‘National Library of Medicine’ According to a study, women are more influenced by music than men. This is because women are more emotional. Therefore it can be said that music is more effective in reducing pain in women than in men. However, Dr. Subhadra Desai, a vocalist of the Hindustani classical music genre, says that this does not happen. Music does not affect gender wise. The music works equally well on both. She says, there is a lot of research going on around the world on all these aspects. One of my students is doing research in Melbourne on how music affects normal children and how it affects autistic children.
Graphics- Prerna Jha / Satyam Parida
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