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Westworld Season 4 is reaching its conclusion, and new documentaries have dropped. Here are the best shows and films to binge this weekend on HBO Max.
HBO Max is winding down after introducing a variety of new titles for August. There may not be that many new shows or movies releasing this week, but there's still plenty to pick from to watch this weekend. Documentaries are all the rage this week, highlighting Princess Diana and the Detroit Lions, and the brilliantly conducted Westworld is concluding its fourth season this Sunday. And when subscribers aren't tuning into new releases, catch up on some of the best movies and television series that will keep audiences laughing or on the edge of their seats.
Pulp Fiction is often regarded as one of the greatest films of the 1990s if not one of the greatest films ever made. While Quentin Tarantino has definitely had recent masterpieces with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and The Hateful Eight, nothing has quite beat Pulp Fiction. The 1994 film is often praised for its clever screenwriting that manages to balance comedy with graphic violence all at once. Pulp Fiction is so iconic that it's influenced other films to adopt its particular style.
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Pulp Fiction is told out of chronological order but follows three unrelated stories about crime in Los Angeles. These stories include Vincent Vega (John Travolta), Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson), Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) and Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis). Viewers spend most of the movie trying to piece together the puzzle Tarantino lays out, wondering how all of their stories connect. For avid movie lovers, Pulp Fiction should be at the top of the curriculum — both as an entertaining measure and a study of great filmmaking.
Even before Netflix's The Crown introduced Diana Spencer into the dramatic retelling of royal events, people obsessed over documentaries about the princess who was gone too soon. Maybe it's the craving for new details about her personal life; maybe it's purely for entertainment purposes. But one might wonder — what more is there to learn about Diana that The Crown and documentaries already haven't told? If curious minds are hoping to uncover some juicy secrets in HBO's documentary The Princess, they'll surely be disappointed. The Princess purely revisits Diana's life from her teenage years up until her death, but its harrowing editing allows for it to be so much more.
The Princess is directed by Ed Perkins, whose short film Black Sheep was nominated for an Academy Award, and his last film, Netflix's Tell Me Who I Am, left an emotional footprint on viewers. The Princess takes the same approach as the latter. Using only archival footage, the documentary relies on what most people probably already know about Diana and heightens it with tense music and meticulous placement of certain scenes — such as funeral footage of Diana's coffin being carried from Westminster Abbey in conjunction with her fairytale wedding day 16 years prior.
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As Warner Bros. Discovery prepares to discard most of its kids and family-friendly content on HBO Max, Gordita Chronicles was one of the first to go. It's disappointing to see the heartfelt series be canceled after one season, as it was such a rare gem that had time to amass a larger audience in future seasons. However, there is a chance for the show to be revived if another streaming service or network picks it up.
Gordita Chronicles follows the young life of a Latina reporter looking back on her childhood in 1980s Miami. Cucu Castelli and her family are Dominican immigrants trying to live the American Dream, which is never as easy as it sounds. Her father (played by The Walking Dead's Juan Javier Cardenas) is a marketing executive for an airline serving Florida and the Caribbean, and her mom brags about the shiny new things she has. For those who enjoy the narration style of The Goldbergs or the culture-clash family tale of Fresh Off the Boat, Gordita Chronicles is for them.
It's understandable to say that Westworld has had a few bumps on its path to glory. Season 1 was an unsung hero in sci-fi television, Season 2 left viewers confused, and Season 3 didn't patch many of the wounds Season 2 opened. Has Season 4 brought the show back to glory? The answer: quite possibly. It's hard to say if Westworld will ever go back to the way things were in Season 1, but Season 4 definitely put it on the right path. Now, as the Season 4 finale approaches this weekend, critics and viewers alike can finally conclude if Westworld is actually good again.
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With one of the strongest casts on television and a stellar score from Ramin Djawadi, it's hard to step away from the robot-theme park series. Season 4 makes it even harder by adding fresh mysteries — two of the biggest being Tessa Thompson now playing Dolores (or at least a different version of her) and the return of James Marsden as Teddy. What's more, Westworld is taking a page out of Game of Thrones' book by executing some shocking deaths while also resurrecting others along the way. The finale will sure wrap up loose ends and hopefully address the biggest questions that haven't been answered yet.
Subscribers have to give it to HBO Max — it has everything. While children's content will be out of the question soon, the streaming service still has a wide variety of content to work with. Part of this is sports entertainment, particularly the reality docuseries Hard Knocks. So if there are sports fans that aren't interested in Westworld or House of the Dragon this month, Hard Knocks is for them.
Since 2001, Hard Knocks has followed the personal and professional lives of National Football League (NFL) players, coaches and staff. Each season follows a different team as they prepare for the upcoming football season in training camp. For the 2022 season, the series will follow the Detroit Lions. Many sports fans believe the reason the Detroit Lions were selected for filming is their passion-filled coach Dan Campbell, and he delivers most of the enthusiasm this season.
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