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Subsidies of up to Rs 3 crore, clearances and approvals to shoot movies in Delhi within 15 days, and an international film festival of its own  —the Delhi government’s new Film Policy, 2022 is looking at these incentives to promote the city as a hub of shooting.
The decision was taken at a cabinet meeting Thursday, attended by CM Arvind Kejriwal along with other ministers. Looking at norms followed internationally, the government has decided to provide a subsidy of up to Rs 3 crores depending on how much of the movie is set in Delhi and the crew that worked on the production.
“The government will provide subsidies to films being made in Delhi up to Rs 3 Crore. This will bring down the overall production cost but will be provided as per certain parameters. Support funding would be based on parameters such as the number of days of shooting in Delhi, content in films — you can’t just sit in a closed space in Delhi and ask for subsidies, the shots would need to establish Delhi as the location – and screen time given to locations and local artists, support staff and skilled crew from Delhi. The maximum subsidy granted would be Rs. 3 crores and depending on the points scored in the scoring system, subsidy from 5% to 25% of the qualified below the line production cost would be given. This has been modelled after the provisions of European Cities,” said Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.  The process of getting clearances will also be simplified.
“Under the current regime, you need to apply to several different agencies to get clearances… We will eliminate all such hassles and provide an online single-window clearance. You’d apply online, pay online and within 15 days you’d get either the approvals or rejection. We will launch the e-Film Clearance portal for this purpose. Over 25 agencies of Delhi including DDA and Police have been brought together on the platform,” said Sisodia. The government also aims to provide a package for discounted travel and accommodation within the city as part of the Delhi Film Card at a cost of Rs 1 lakh.
The government also plans to hold an annual international film festival, along with the festival in Goa. “Along with this, we will introduce the Delhi Film Excellence Awards. These awards will recognise the efforts of junior film crew in addition to directors, producers and actors,” Sisodia said.
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