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Dublin, Oct. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Brazil B2C Ecommerce Market Opportunities Databook – 100+ KPIs on Ecommerce Verticals (Shopping, Travel, Food Service, Media & Entertainment, Technology), Market Share by Key Players, Sales Channel Analysis, Payment Instrument, Consumer Demographics – Q2 2022 Update” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering.

According to the Q2 2022 B2C Ecommerce Survey, the market in Brazil is expected to grow by 19.81% on annual basis to reach US$51.9 billion in 2022.
Companies Mentioned
Amazon Brazil
Casas Bahia
Magazine Luiza
Mercado Livre
James Delivery
Uber Eats
AJ Mobilidade
CVC Brasil
Decolar Brasil
The medium to the long-term growth story of the B2C Ecommerce industry in Brazil promises to be attractive . The B2C Ecommerce is expected to grow steadily over the forecast period, recording a CAGR of 16.30% during 2022-2026. The country’s B2C Ecommerce Gross Merchandise Value will increase from US$43.3 billion in 2021 to reach US$95.0 billion by 2026.

Brazil is leading the regional e-commerce growth in Latin America. While the global pandemic outbreak has accelerated the adoption of e-commerce marketplaces, the increased smartphone and internet penetration rate also supports the industry growth in Brazil. This indicates that there is still room for extended growth in the Brazilian B2C e-commerce industry. Another factor that has assisted the B2C e-commerce market growth in Brazil is the rapid adoption of new payment methods, such as digital wallet and Pix, the Brazilian instant payment system.

Due to the hyper-growth scenario, the Brazilian B2C e-commerce industry has become a battleground for global and local players, with growing market competition. Over the next three to four years, Brazil is expected to be the key growth market for international firms as more mature markets such as Europe and the United States reach saturation.
Mobile commerce is driving the e-commerce transaction volumes in Brazil
Like the B2C e-commerce industry in Brazil, mobile commerce – online purchases made through mobile devices – have also recorded strong growth over the last few years. One of the primary reasons behind the growing mobile commerce segment in Brazil is the rapid adoption of social commerce. Live sales streaming sessions have reached millions of consumers across the country.

This has resulted in increased mobile commerce activities over the last two years.
The trend of cross-border shopping is also popular among online shoppers in Brazil
In 2021, online shoppers in Brazil continued to show a healthy interest in buying from international e-commerce platforms. The growing preference for cross-border shopping among Brazilians shows that domestic players can increase their order volume by offering a vast range of products across different categories and at a better price.
The food and beverage category recorded the most robust growth over the 12 months in 2021
Driven by the pandemic outbreak, more and more shoppers in the country turned to online channels for purchasing products in the food and beverage category. This shows that consumers became more accustomed to purchasing non-durable goods online during the pandemic-induced social distancing measures.

The publisher expects these trends to continue from the short to medium-term perspective, as consumers seek convenience and better deals online than in-store shopping.

Global e-commerce behemoths are seeking to launch their payment services in Brazil amid the rapid digital payment adoption
Along with the rise of the e-commerce industry, Brazil has also witnessed significant growth in adopting digital payment services over the last few years. With most of the population still falling under the unbanked or underbanked category, global e-commerce behemoths are seeking to launch their payment services in Brazil to tap into another high-growth market. For instance,
In May 2022, Shopee, which has more than one million local sellers registered on its platform, received authorization from the Brazilian Central Bank to operate as a payment institution. The firm can manage prepaid payment accounts, in which funds must be deposited beforehand. The move of Shopee in the payments sector is coherent with that of other large e-commerce firms, such as Mercado Libre, which have been adding financial solutions to its service portfolio to retain users in their ecosystem.
Fashion retailers are expanding into the financial sector to meet the consumer demand for greater innovation and convenience
While the e-commerce market continues to record strong growth year on year in Brazil, the presence of global players and domestic leaders has made the industry more competitive. Consequently, retailers are increasing their focus on improving customer experience to drive market share in the fashion category. For instance,
Riachuelo, the Brazilian fashion retailer, expanded into the financial sector to provide a great online shopping experience. The firm forged a strategic alliance with Akamai, an American content delivery network, to create a new digital payment application. This created a seamless shopping experience for online shoppers in the country.
Global e-commerce players have increasingly invested in developing better infrastructure to support their expansion and growth in Brazil
Even before the pandemic outbreak, the Brazilian e-commerce industry recorded double-digit growth between 2017 and 2019. Several global players were eyeing the Brazilian e-commerce sector as their new growth market. To capitalize on the high-growth potential offered by the domestic industry, global players increasingly invested in developing better infrastructure over the last two years. For instance,
Amazon, the leading global giant in the space, and AliExpress, the online marketplace for Chinese giant Alibaba, invested heavily in developing the e-commerce infrastructure, which includes setting up new distribution centers to support their expansion across the country.
This investment in the Brazilian market has allowed the firms to rapidly expand their operations across the country during the global pandemic outbreak. For Amazon, the investment in new distribution centers also meant that the firm could offer same-day delivery services to its customers in Brazil.
Shopee, the Singapore-based global e-commerce giant, has also increased its investment in the country. In July 2022, Shopee announced that the firm had opened five new distribution centers in Brazil to improve shipping processes and cut lead times.
This report provides a detailed data-driven look at the Brazil B2C Ecommerce industry, covering various segments and highlighting areas of interest across the verticals in the industry. In addition, it provides a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and future forecast.

Brazil B2C Ecommerce Market Size and Future Growth Dynamics
Gross Merchandise Value Trend Analysis
Average Value Per Transaction Trend Analysis
Gross Merchandise Volume Trend Analysis
Brazil User Statistics and Ratios of Key Performance Indicators
User Statistics
Card Abandonment Rate and Product Return Rate
B2C Ecommerce Per Capita and GDP Per Capita
GDP Per Capita Trend Analysis
Brazil B2C Ecommerce Market Share by Key Players
Brazil Retail Shopping Ecommerce Market Share by Key Players (Amazon Brazil, Americanas, Casas Bahia, Magazine Luiza, Mercado Livre)
Brazil Travel Ecommerce Market Share by Key Players (AJ Mobilidade, CVC Brasil, Decolar Brasil, Flytour)
Brazil Food Service Ecommerce Market Share by Key Players (99Food, iFood, James Delivery, Rappi, Uber Eats)
Brazil B2C Ecommerce Market Size and Forecast by B2C Ecommerce Segments (Gross Merchandise Value Trend Analysis, 2017-2026)
Retail Shopping ( breakdown by clothing, footwear & accessories, health, beauty and personal care, food & beverage, appliances and electronics, home improvement, books, music & video, toys & hobby, auto)
Travel and Hospitality (breakdown by air travel, train & bus, taxi service, hotels & resorts)
Online Food Service (breakdown by aggregators, direct to consumer)
Media and Entertainment (breakdown by streaming services, movies & events, theme parks & gaming)
Healthcare and Wellness
Technology Products and Services
Other segments
Brazil B2C Ecommerce Market Size and Forecast by Retail Shopping Sales Channel
Platform to Consumer
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Brazil B2C Ecommerce Market Share by Travel and Hospitality Sales Channel
Market Share by Travel and Hospitality Sales Channel
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Direct to Consumer – Gross Merchandise Value Trend Analysis
Brazil B2C Ecommerce Market Size and Forecast by Online Food Service Sales Channel
Aggregator App
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Brazil B2C Ecommerce Market Size and Forecast by Engagement Model (Gross Merchandise Value Trend Analysis, 2017-2026)
Website Based
Live Streaming
Brazil B2C Ecommerce Market Size and Forecast by Location (Gross Merchandise Value Trend Analysis, 2017-2026)
Cross Border
Brazil B2C Ecommerce Market Size and Forecast by Device (Gross Merchandise Value Trend Analysis, 2017-2026)
Brazil B2C Ecommerce Market Size and Forecast by Operating System
Other Operating Systems
Brazil B2C Ecommerce Market Size and Forecast by City
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Brazil B2C Ecommerce Market Size and Forecast by Payment Instrument (Gross Merchandise Value Trend Analysis, 2017-2026)
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Debit Card
Bank Transfer
Prepaid Card
Digital & Mobile Wallet
Other Digital Payment
Brazil B2C Ecommerce Consumer Demographics
Market Share by Age Group
Market Share by Income Level
Market Share by Gender
Reasons to buy
In-depth Understanding of B2C Ecommerce Market Dynamics: Understand market opportunities and key trends along with forecast (2017-2026). Understand market dynamics through essential KPIs such as Gross Merchandise Value, Volume, and Average Value Per Transaction.
Insights into Opportunity by B2C Ecommerce Categories: Get market dynamics by sales channel to assess emerging opportunities across various segments.
Detailed analysis of market share by key players across key B2C ecommerce verticals.
Insights into Opportunities across key B2C verticals: Retail shopping, travel & hospitality, online food service, media and entertainment, healthcare and wellness, and technology products & services.
Develop Market Specific Strategies: Identify growth segments and target specific opportunities to formulate a B2C ecommerce strategy; assess market-specific key trends, drivers, and risks in the B2C ecommerce industry.
Get Insights into Consumer Attitude and Behaviour: Drawing from proprietary survey results, this report identifies and interprets key B2C ecommerce KPIs, including spend by age, gender, and income level.
For more information about this report visit https://www.researchandmarkets.com/r/ue0i4r

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