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Both lists are unchanged from yesterday
Lili Reinhart and David Corenswet, Look Both Ways
It’s very rare that both of Netflix’s Top 10 lists are the same two days in a row, but it does happen. Today, Wednesday, Aug. 24, is one of those days. The top movie is Look Both Ways, the top show is Echoes, and everything behind those titles is the same, too. The list will look a lot different tomorrow, though, because there are a lot of new releases today, including the premiere of Selling the OC, a spin-off of Selling Sunset, one of Netflix’s most popular reality shows. 
But popular doesn’t necessarily mean good. Below, we list the top 10 movies and shows on Netflix and give our quick take on whether they’re actually worth watching or not. We’ve also added what’s new on Netflix today so you can find out what will be on the Top 10 list tomorrow. If you’re looking for more Netflix recommendations, we’ve compiled the best movies on Netflix and the best TV shows on Netflix.
Michelle Monaghan, Echoes
For fans of: The "psychological thriller limited series on Netflix" genre
Is it good?: Has any "psychological thriller limited series on Netflix" been good?
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 1

For fans of: Skewed aspect ratios that make you wonder if there’s something wrong with your TV
Is it good?: Is it perfect? No. Was it still worth the 25+ year wait? Yes. [Review]
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 2

For fans of: Telenovelas with a lot of episodes, Station 19
Is it good?: It’s as melodramatic as you want it to be
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 3

For fans of: Teen romance, teen drama, John McEnroe
Is it good?: Season 3 is as funny, smart, and heartfelt as ever [Review]
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 4

For fans of: Career-based reality competition shows, make-up tutorials, slaying
Is it good?: Yeah, it’s a nice show
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 5

For fans of: Stranger Things, ’80s kids getting into hijinks and battling monsters
Is it good?: It’s not as great as it once was, but it’s still one of the most entertaining shows on TV
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 6

For fans of: Hallmark movies
Is it good?: It’s an incredibly popular, incredibly soapy romance drama
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 7

For fans of: Keys, teens, supernatural occurrences
Is it good?: It gets a solid send-off in its third and final season
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 8

For fans of: Complete absurdity, cults, bathing suits
Is it good?: Season 6 of The CW’s hot mess just dropped, and it’s full bananas
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 9

For fans of: Slapstick humor, the Cuphead video game
Is it good?: It’s cool that a show doing ’30s style animation exists, even if it’s not for everyone
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 10

Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg, Day Shift
For fans of: Sliding Doors, Lili Reinhart, rom-coms
Is it good?: It’s just OK
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 1

For fans of: Catfish, reevaluating old news stories
Is it good?: Yeah, it’s a pretty good sports docuseries
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 2

For fans of: Vampire hunters, Jamie Foxx
Is it good?: It’s a goofy vampire movie that works better as a weird trailer than a full movie
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 3

For fans of: 50 Shades of Gray, graphic sex
Is it good?: The first two 365 Days movies were terrible, and this is more of the same
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 4

For fans of: Singing animals, famous voices, popular music
Is it good?: Kids absolutely love it
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 5

For fans of: Inferior Indiana Jones imitators, video game adaptations
Is it good?: It shows that Tom Holland can be a movie star outside of Marvel, but it’s not good
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 6

For fans of: Cats
Is it good?: Cat owners should watch it right meow
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 7

For fans of: Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, big budgets, explosions
Is it good?: All that money and it’s still pretty dull
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 8

For fans of: Health insurance, the military, the music industry
Is it good?: It’s bad
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 9

For fans of: Thinking you’re watching The Informant! and getting confused when you don’t see Matt Damon
Is it good?: A licky boom-boom nah 
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 10

Based on Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows and Movies lists and new releases for Wednesday, Aug. 24
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Jason Bateman, Ozark


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