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For a brief relief of the politically dominated thoughts and letters to the editor in newspapers everywhere, I submit the following items which a man should not point out to his wife while watching a movie if he wants to enjoy a happy marriage:
“Those cowboys riding off to rob a train, take care of a herd on a trail ride, etc. with only one small roll on the back of their horses have no change of clothes, canteen, underwear or toilet paper!”
“Look at that guy with the five-day growth of beard (It is produced¬†by a special attachment¬†to an electric razor because in the last six years all leading men, unless they are famous, must have growth on their face.)” Do not mention that in one scene, his beard may change from two days old to a six-day growth, depending on how many takes it took during shooting over a period of days.
“After a wild night of a sexual encounter, does the man or woman have to cover themselves with a sheet or whatever as though they are totally innocent and embarrassed about what they have revealed about themselves?
Clark Fork
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