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While the actor was known for his interesting cameos in his decade long career in films, the shift to OTT seems to have worked for the talented theatre artiste
Aakash Dahiya
Originally from Sonipat, Haryana, Delhi-born Aakash Dahiya is a very familiar face on both OTT platforms and the silver screen. While we saw him in cameo roles in Kaminey (2009), Rock Star (2011) and Trishna (2011), his first full fledged role was as ‘Googly’ in Chillar Party (2011). We then saw him in Mastram (2014) and Bobby Jasoos (2014) and more recently in Operation Parindey (2020) that released on Zee 5. As he wraps up shooting for upcoming web-series Rafoo Chakkar, we catch up with the Delhi Crime 2 actor to find out more about the series and his career ahead.  
Tell us about your newest project? How did you come about the role?
Speaking of my most recent project, it’s not really new; I’ve been connected with it since Season 1. Richie Mehta, the creator of Delhi Crimes, and I were a part of the Nirbhaya protests. Three years later, Riche came up with the idea for this series after doing a lot of research and understanding. So one day, he called and told me about his plans to create a series about crimes in Delhi, and he asked me to be a part of it. He briefed me about the whole project, saying it’s a series representing reality, and along with that, there are many short story lessons within it. There was a track of relationship issues between the husband and wife, and that piqued my interest so much that I took up the role and I think it was a perfect match.

How did you get into acting?
So, my grandfather had left a video cassette for us with a message. Besides my grandfather, there were my uncles and my dad, saying some filmy dialogue each. Along with that were black and white pictures of my dad dressed up in different styles and getups. This whole thing caught my attention as it was very different and interesting to me. I watched all of this happening in my family rather than watching this in a film, ad, or some show. I was 4–5 years old when I decided to become an actor, and as I grew up, my dad supported me. To get me ready, he asked me to get myself enrolled in theatre. The theatre experience was wonderful; it crafted me so well and helped get the best out of me.
Directors or projects you’d like to work on/with next?
I don’t want to name anyone, especially since the industry is brimming with talent and potential. The type of cinema that interests me is Gulzar’s and Shekhar Kapoor’s. I’d like to be a part of projects that are authentic in terms of story and acting while also conveying a message. Something a little more genuine and not scripted for mere commercialisation!
What do you do when you’re not shooting? What are your other passions?
I only watch interviews and discuss movies with my friends when I’m not shooting. In my spare time, I also enjoy politics because I find it to be extremely interesting. I’m very passionate about painting and content writing.
What can we see you next in?
I will be next seen in three webseries — Dhanbaad, Rafoo Chakkar and Bindiya.
Delhi Crimes 2 is streaming on Netflix.

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