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Horror fans can rejoice, as theatres and streaming services look set to deliver a spooky Halloween this year.
Horror movie enthusiasts are in for a treat, as this Halloween looks set to deliver some truly terrifying new stories. But it will also see the return of some iconic faces from the genre, like Michael Myers, who will make fans return to the cinemas.
As well as theatrical releases, there are plenty of original movies coming to various streaming services that will be worth watching. With big names in front of and behind the camera, as well as each movie dealing with multiple themes and stories, there will be plenty on offer for fans to choose from.
Another horror movie that received a cinematic release last month to favorable reviews and gaining nearly $35 million at the box office, Barbarian follows two people who mistakenly book the same Airbnb and find a series of mysterious tunnels underneath the basement.
Starring names associated with horror, like Bill Skarsgard and Justin Long, it's Georgina Campbell who stole the spotlight and made her journey in the dark labyrinth engaging throughout. Hopefully the stars will reunite with director Zach Cregger, who should absolutely do another horror movie after having written and directed this smash hit.
A prequel to X, which came out earlier this year, Pearl follows the origins of the elderly woman who was once a young woman who dreamed of becoming a Hollywood star. But as audiences will see throughout the movie, she is not as innocent as she appears to be.
Starring Mia Goth in the leading role and in one of her best movies, this unexpectedly colorful and psychological horror movie stood out from so many other titles in the genre this year. Furthermore, with the next entry in the series currently in production, some expect this new series to become iconic within the next few years.
In an attempt to celebrate Halloween early, one of the most exciting releases this fall was shown at select cinemas last month. Haunted by visions, Laine soon finds herself among one of the victims of the Creeper during the town's horror-themed festival.
Those who missed the original series can jump into this one without having to worry about the events from the previous releases. While many will be excited to see Michael Myers return, this monster still deserves some love for the spooky season.
The latest horror movie to get a theatrical release, Smile sees a psychiatrist start to question herself after a horrifying incident involving one of her patients. Now haunted by visions and people eerily smiling, she attempts to try and figure out what it could be and how to top it before it consumes her.
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For a feature-length debut, Parker Finn has hit a home run, as Smile currently has a 77% on Rotten Tomatoes and received over $37 million at the worldwide box office. Audiences looking for a new movie at the cinemas don't need to look any further, as this flick will offer enough scares and a fresh experience.
Released this week exclusively on Netflix, Mr. Harrigan's Phone is the latest Stephen King adaptation of one of his many written works. Starring Donald Sutherland and Jaeden Martell, the movie tells the story of a young man who starts to receive phone calls from his departed elderly friend.
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Netflix has seen its fair share of Stephen King adaptations over the years, including 1922 and In The Tall Grass, but with the talented cast and John Lee Hancock in the director's chair, it stands a good chance of being a successful release. It's great to see Sutherland return to horror, which many of his fans enjoy, and it will hopefully be able to deliver some shocking scares.
Serving as a remake to the iconic movie of the same name, some similar to the Clive Barker books they're based on, the movie series will be aware of the story it retreads. The Cenobites have traveled from another dimension after a woman comes into possession of a mysterious puzzle box, unaware of their sinister and supernatural purposes.
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While the original theatrical series will undoubtedly have devoted fans, this remake is in safe hands, as David Bruckner, the director of The Night House and The Ritual, is helming this one. One of the several horror titles coming to Hulu during this week, it could be one worth to watch after so many re-sequels from other horror franchises over recent years.
The title may seem simple and generic, but this German-produced movie sees the elderly become a force to be reckoned with after a woman attends her sister's wedding. Having to face her past and the bloodthirsty pensioners, she must stop at nothing to protect her family.
Another Netflix horror movie, it looks like it'll certainly live up to X as one of the scariest horror movies to feature the elderly. But viewers won't have to wait too long, as it will be out this week alongside Mr. Harrigan's Phone.
Since images of the Slender Man and Momo took over the internet, memes surrounding these terrifying stills have scared many teenagers and children. Taking this concept and turning it into a movie, a teenager must try to free herself from the curse of Grimcutty, a monster from a meme who may be more real than anyone could have predicted.
Joining Hellraiser as one of the horror movies released for Hulu this month, Grimcutty might just reignite that online viral fear once again with its sinister smile. It looks like it will try to deliver something new and fresh from this year's releases, and it might be the next big costume for Halloween after audiences watch it from next week.
Coming out next week, one of the most iconic figures of slasher-horror returns alongside Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in this final outing. Who will come out on top will be hard to say, but fans of the original movie and this latest trilogy will hopefully be treated to an explosive and bloody finale.
It might not come as a massive surprise if this takes over the other horror movie releases this Halloween with so much promise and anticipation surrounding it. Despite Halloween Kills disappointing many people last year, fans are hopeful about this release.
While it won't be in cinemas until the end of the month, audiences will be able to see this one just in-time for Halloween. Attending a school of exorcism for young priests, a nun named Sister Ann soon becomes haunted by one of the possessed people in their care who might be the same demon who possessed her Mom.
Whether Prey For The Devil will live up to some of the best exorcism movies of all time is hard to say, but audiences will at least get a new movie that will dive into themes surrounding the supernatural and demonic intrigue. After the director's work on shows like Fear The Walking Dead and Them, his next movie might be as effective.
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