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As we age, like other organs, our brain slowly starts weakening, too, leading to issues like dementia, memory loss, and cognitive decline besides diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. While we can’t control aging, we can make certain lifestyle changes that may help prevent the conditions.
Luke Coutinho, co-founder youcarelifestyle.com, took to Instagram and explained how people can take care of their brain and prevent certain health conditions.
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“You may not be able to reverse your Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s but you can definitely slow down the neurodegenerative progression by strengthening your gray and white matter,” he wrote in his post.
According to his post, brain health depends on the quality of grey and white matter and how rapidly it degrades. While grey matter contains most of the neural cells and processes information, emotions, sensory, perception, and memory, white matter allows communication to and from grey matter.
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The expert revealed that besides aging, gray and white matter is destroyed by dopamine exhaustion which occurs due to instant gratification, binge behaviour, mindless scrolling, and excess television. Also, sleep deprivation, chronic stress, anger, micronutrient deficiencies, eating junk and ultra-processed food and autoimmune conditions like multiple sclerosis can destroy them.
He suggested the following lifestyle changes to help maintain, improve and regrow grey and white matter:
*Meditation and mindfulness practices
It releases a protein (BDNF) that has the ability to repair the white and gray matter.
*Sufficient omega 3s
Good sources of omega 3s include fatty fish, flaxseed, walnuts, avocados, chia seeds, pure ghee, coconut oil, whole eggs, or a good quality supplement
*Therapeutic fasting
He suggested circadian, dry, or intermittent fasting
*Quality sleep
Luke stressed getting quality sleep, rest, and recovery
*Good quality black coffee, black tea, green tea
The expert suggested having Good quality black coffee, black tea, and green tea without creamers, white sugar, and artificial sweeteners
He also suggested solving puzzles, crosswords, and other memory games, besides doing yoga, balancing activities, juggling, and such.
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