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Were PnB Rock and other rappers’ death planned?
Talks about PnB Rock’s murder are yet to quiet down as the suspect behind the horrifying shooting incident. The rapper was gunned down while having a meal with his girlfriend, Stephanie Sibounheuang, at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles on Monday.
The Los Angeles Police Department has since launched an investigation to resolve the case, but new theories suggest that the murder was planned.
On Twitter and Tiktok, users have been calling the hip-hop industry as death industry after several rappers lost their lives in the past years due to crimes across the state.
Most of them also alleged that Empire Distribution Music Label “planned” PnB Rock and other rappers’ death to get their insurance policies. Some of the artists under the label who died in the past years include Mo3, Drakeo The Ruler, King Von, Young Dolph, and XXXtentacion, among others.
Meanwhile, another Twitter user reposted a video from Instagram which disclosed the “biggest secret of the rap industry.” For PnB Rock, he talked about his exit from the Atlantic Records.
“Now, what if I told you all that these labels that the artists are signed into are actually taking out life insurance policies on their artist. So in the event of their death, they are being named as the beneficiary,” the man in the video said.
He then showed several examples to prove the theory, including the issue between rapper Bushwick Bill and his label over life insurance policy in 1998.

French Montana Said The Same Thing

The rap industry is a death industry, literally. You rap around killing, drugs and women & people are amazed when you die prematurely 😭🤦🏾‍♂️. The tongue is the primordial pen, manifesting the story of your life. We really have to shift the consciousness higher bros #PNBRock pic.twitter.com/ERuaxOIZns
While the claims should be taken with a grain of salt, French Montana himself talked about these life insurances in July – nearly two months before PnB Rock’s death.
During his interview with DJ Akademiks on the “Off the Record” podcast (via Complex), he revealed that it is “crazier” because labels get life insurance on artists, finding it realistic but disturbing.
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French Montana said that having life insurance means preying on an artist’s death.
It remains unknown whether this truly has a connection in PnB Rock’s murder, but some fans clarified that he was already independent at the time of his death.
Aside from the theories related to rap artists’ label, PnB Rock’s girlfriend was also accused of plotting his death. The public immediately came forward to defend her, saying that they should focus on blaming the suspect instead of pointing out other people.
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