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Multifamily has historically been the most resilient and least volatile asset class, and fundamentals are still very much stable today. However, there’s one space in multifamily that is causing concern among investors, according to Kristi Nootens, vice president of investment management at CP Capital US. The ultra-luxury segment has a limited renter pool, even when the economy is strong. But in an environment of rising inflation and high interest rates like today’s, some of those renters move to more affordable housing options, putting pressure on players in the high-end space.
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Nootens has been with CP Capital US for almost a decade. She is now responsible for sourcing and underwriting new investment opportunities, as well as bringing new investment opportunities through the company’s internal approval process, and overseeing each asset through closing, construction, lease-up and disposition. She spends a lot of time networking with development partners and brokers, so she knows a lot about what is going on in the multifamily market today.
In this episode of Mission Success: Women in Multifamily, Nootens talks to Multi-Housing News Senior Editor Laura Calugar about her professional background, as well as how investors can set themselves up for maximizing profits, considering the current market uncertainty.
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