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Sep 6, 2022
Two changes are needed to solve America’s financial problems.
One change would return us to the Constitution. The other would require nationalization of natural resource companies.
The U.S. government was given the exclusive authority to issue currency. From the country’s beginning, there were forces seeking the adoption of a European-style Central Bank.
Such an institution was tried a few times but became more permanent in 1913. Three presidents became enemies of the banking interests. Jackson, who escaped assassination; and Lincoln and Kennedy, who printed currency, bypassing the banking system and greater debt.
The Federal Reserve System is neither federal nor a reserve. It is a private banking cartel, which in this century, has seen two New York City banks own more than 50 percent of its shares.
Foreign ownership of these shares is extensive but not known. This banking cartel receives the benefits of a great scam. Instead of creating money itself, through the Treasury, the American government borrows money from the Fed at interest.
This accumulation of debt provides the cartel with ever-increasing profits, while placing the country in ever-increasing debt. This interest also influences inflation, which was very little from 1830-1910. (Just prior to the establishment of the current Fed.)
Banker Mayer Rothschild has wisely said: “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!”
Raphael O’Suna
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