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Two days after he visited government primary schools in Bhavnagar, Delhi deputy chief minister and education minister Manish Sisodia wrote a letter to Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel on Wednesday inviting him to visit government schools of Delhi.
Sisodia, who belongs to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), had arrived in Bhavnagar on Monday to visit two government primary schools in Hadanagar and Sidsar areas of the district, which fall under the constituency of education minister Jitu Vaghani.
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During his one-day trip to Gujarat, Sisodia criticised the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government for not delivering quality schooling in the state. Sisodia’s visit had come in the wake of recent comments made by Vaghani wherein he had said that parents in Gujarat are free to take their children to any other state or foreign country if they were unhappy with the state’s education system.
In his two-page letter addressed to CM Patel, Sisodia wrote, “Two days ago, I had an opportunity to visit few government schools in Gujarat which fall under the constituency of education minister Jitu Vaghani. I was shocked and saddened by what I saw during the visit. The schools were in such dilapidated condition that it appeared that a defunct scrapyard has been opened and the kids had been asked to attend it. There were spider webs in the classrooms, staffroom and verandah of school premises. In majority of classrooms, students were seen sitting on the floor and there were very few rooms with desks in them. The drinking water and toilet arrangements in these schools were in shambles. I am unable to understand how teachers and students attend seven hours of school time in premises that don’t even have toilet facility. I have also noticed that such teachers taught at these schools who were hired only on one month basis (sic).”
गुजरात के शिक्षा मंत्री की अपनी विधान सभा के स्कूलों के कमरों में मकड़ी के जाले लगे हुए हैं। स्कूल में बच्चों के बैठने के लिए डेस्क तो छोड़िए, फर्श भी किसी किसी कमरे में ही है।
ये है गुजरात में BJP का शिक्षा मॉडल। जो BJP ने 27 साल में गुजरात में डेवलप किया है।
— Manish Sisodia (@msisodia) April 11, 2022
Sisodia further said that government schools in Delhi were in the exact shape as those in Gujarat till 2015 when he had just begun to helm affairs of primary education in the national capital.
“I am not saying that all government schools in Gujarat are this bad. You have been in power in Gujarat for the past 27 years so for sure, you must have made some good government schools. Even the Congress which was in power in Delhi before AAP, had made a few good government schools. However the majority of schools were in the same condition as that of Gujarat,” wrote Sisodia.

He also took cognizance of the fact that on the day of visit to Gujarat, Parvesh Singh Sahib, the BJP MP from West Delhi, had visited a government school in Pandwala Khurd in Delhi while BJP MP from South Delhi Ramesh Bidhuri visited another government school in South Delhi highlighting the condition of schools.
“I am happy that the day I was on a visit to Gujarat, a few MPs from BJP had done tour of government schools in Delhi and tried to find faults in them. I am proud of the fact that despite their best efforts they were not able to find a single school in Delhi that had spider webs or students were found sitting on the floor. I hereby with all due respect, would like to invite you and education minister Jitu Vaghani and your education department officials to a visit to government schools in Delhi and intearct with the teachers and students over here. I hope that you will like to understand the Delhi model of government schools for the welfare of students of Gujarat by keeping your political differences aside,” added Sisodia in the letter.
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