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One in three high school students in Maharashtra cannot even answer basic Science and Mathematics questions and the performance gets worse as the students go to higher classes, revealed the results of the National Achievement Survey (NAS) 2021 released on Wednesday evening.
Conducted on November 12, 2021, NAS assessed over 34 lakh students in 1.8 lakh schools in 720 districts across India. The purpose of NAS is to gauge the learning outcomes in students, i.e., how much they know as per their age as per how much learning was expected. Students in Class 3, 5, 8 and 10 wrote a standardised written test across the country after which a survey was conducted amongst students, teachers and headmasters on the pandemic situation, learning facilities and so on. The NAS was last held in 2017.
Maharashtra saw participation from 7,226 schools and 30,566 teachers and 2,16,117 students were surveyed. Across all age groups, the overall state performance of Maharashtra was ranked higher in language, Mathematics and EVS subjects, than the national average in most cases.
However, the results point towards a worrying trend: as the age of the child increases and students enter higher classes, the learning outcome gets worse. Amongst all subjects surveyed, Science is the biggest pain point for students in Maharashtra, followed by Mathematics.
In Class X, two in three students or 77 per cent of students surveyed performed below basic level in Science, showing that they could not even grasp the concepts to a bare minimum. In Class 8, 38 per cent students scored below basic scores – one in every three students. The learning outcomes get progressively worse as the age of the student advances.
When it came to Mathematics, 27 per cent children in Class 8 and 33 per cent students in Class 10 scored at below basic level performance, considered to have not achieved the required knowledge and skill considered to be minimally successful regarding curriculum demands.
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