Maharashtra: Schools, colleges to remain shut till 15 Feb – Mint

  • Maharashtra on Saturday recorded over 40,000 cases, second day in a row

The Maharashtra government on Saturday announced the closure of schools, colleges, and coaching classes till February 15 due to rise in Covid cases in the state. 
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“Schools, colleges, and coaching classes to remain closed till 15 February except for activities required to be taken by various educational boards for 10th and 12th standard students,” the government said in a detailed guidelines issued on Saturday.
The guidelines further said that administrative activities and activities to be undertaken by teachers other than classroom teachings. 
Maharashtra on Saturday recorded over 40,000 cases, second day in a row. Today, the government tightened the curbs further to break the chain of transmission. 
The state government has prohibited movement in public in groups of five or more from 5 in the morning to 11 at night, effective January 10 midnight.
No movement will be allowed in public from 11 pm to 5 am except for essential services.
No visitors will be allowed at government offices except with written permission of office heads.
Online interaction facility will be provided for people through video conference.
The order said government offices should opt for work from home and working hours should be staggered if work from office is required.
Private offices have also been asked to rationalize the number of employees coming to work by allowing work from home and staggering working hours.
Attendance at marriages and social, religious, cultural or political gatherings will be capped at 50. At funerals, not more than 20 persons can remain present.
Swimming pools, gyms, spas, wellness centres, beauty salons will remain closed.
Hair cutting salons will function at 50 percent capacity. Sporting events would be deferred, except national and international-level competitions already scheduled.
With agency inputs
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