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The School Education and the Sports Department under the Maharashtra government have partnered with Khan Academy to improve the mathematical learning outcomes of students in government schools. The partnership would make high-quality math learning content applicable to students in Marathi from classes 1 to 10. Learning maths in their language would enable students to understand better and produce better results. The government would empower 488 schools with new educational math content and advanced online resources in the first phase.
Moreover, all the teachers in the government schools would be equipped to leverage online teaching resources and offer personalised learning experiences based on the progress data of individual students, India Today reported. The government of Maharashtra and Khan Academy India have been working together to recreate the high-quality content from the Academy since 2021. The range includes more than 700 videos, articles and practise exercises in Marathi, which would also be available on the SCERT Maharashtra website and Khan Academy.
The move will enable students to build a strong foundation of the subject in their language free of cost. Moreover, the teachers would also have access to essential online tools and real-time data to identify the learning gaps and address them individually and in the classroom. The Academy is working closely with the government to educate more than 2000 teachers, 36 District Nodal Officers, and 488 principals on the use of Khan Academy and how to use Khan Academy’s learning content and effectively implement personalised math learning in the classroom.
Varsha Gaikwad, the Minister of School Education in Maharashtra, launched the Khan Academy initiative on International Women’s Day and expressed profound excitement for the project.

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