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Which business schools offer the world’s best marketing masters programs in 2022? Find out the world’s top Master in Marketing degrees
London's Imperial College Business School offers one of the world's best marketing masters programs | ©Imperial FB
The Master in Marketing is the world’s most in-demand business masters. Students around the world flock to marketing masters programs to learn topics like consumer behaviour, digital marketing strategy, and management theory. 
Applications to Masters in Marketing rose by 59% in 2021, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), but which business schools offer the world’s best marketing masters programs?
According to the QS global Master in Marketing ranking, HEC Paris is the best place to study for a Master in Marketing in 2022. The prestigious French Grande Ecole has been voted Europe’s top business school, and it also leads other rankings for programs including the Master in Finance and Executive MBA.
Columbia Business School follows HEC Paris in second place. The leading M7 business school is the sole US representative among the top 10. The UK’s Imperial College Business School rounds out the top three best marketing masters programs for 2022. 
Leading French institutions ESSEC Business School and ESCP Business School offer the  fourth and fifth best Masters in Marketing, while Spain’s ESADE Business School is in sixth. Warwick Business School is the other UK-based school to rank among the top 10, in seventh place. 
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The final three spaces are occupied by France’s EMLyon Business School and ESSEC Business School in eighth and ninth, while Austria’s WU Vienna University finishes in 10th place.
European business schools often dominate business masters rankings, with the MBA the more established degree among business schools in the US. There's a total of nine European business schools in the list. French business schools dominate the ranking with five among the top 10. The UK is home to two top-ranked programs, while Austria, the US, and Spain each have one.
The QS Masters in Marketing ranking is assessed based on surveys of academics, business school staff, and employers. The ranking is weighted according to the following categories: employability, alumni outcomes, value for money, thought leadership, and class and faculty diversity. 
The most important category is employability, with a 35% weighting. QS also gives a 20% weighting to both value for money and thought leadership. 
World's Best Marketing Masters Programs: Top 10  

So what’s the benefit of enrolling in one of these top Masters in Marketing? And how does that weigh up against the cost of tuition? 
The HEC Paris Master in Marketing costs just under $33k (€28,750) for tuition for the one-year degree. But that initial investment tends to help students make impressive career moves after graduation.100% of students land roles within three months of graduation, with average starting salaries of around $52k (€46,000).
At Columbia in the US—where the cost of tuition is often much higher than Europe—tuition is more than double HEC Paris, at around $69k including mandatory fees. 100% of Columbia grads also land roles within three months, entering industries including tech, luxury goods, finance, and analytics consulting.
There are more affordable options available which still offer strong employment opportunities. The cheapest program among the top 10 is the EDHEC Master in Marketing, which costs around $25k (€22k). 100% of grads from the program land jobs within six months, while their average starting salaries match HEC Paris grads at around $52k. 
The strong employment opportunities available for Master in Marketing grads mean you should start seeing a return on your investment immediately after leaving the degree. If you study in Europe, you’re likely to see an even faster return. 
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