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Henry Akapa is a Leader, Superlife Possibility Agency in Lagos, an initiative that empowers members through its health and wealth programme. With presence in over 72 countries around the world and in all states in the federation, the initiative, today is hosting a youth empowerment programme to train youths on how to attract clients through the media.
Why does your programme focus on the youths?
In the present day Nigeria, there are a lot of youths that don’t have anything doing. The organisation decided to focus on youth empowerment, to provide youths with an opportunity to earn money. 
What kind of skills are the youths being taught?
We are teaching digital marketing skills, because Super life is a health and wellness company, so besides bringing health remedies to people, they are also taught how to make wealth and we have had lots of testimonies.
What is Superlife about?
It’s an initiative that believes in regenerative medicine. We are saying instead of managing the sickness, why don’t we cure it. The factory product is called STC 30. It is a stem cell product, which are specialised cells that have the ability to take the form of any other cell. For instance, diabetics is a problem of the pancreas as it cannot produce insulin in the body, but when you take STC30, it goes to create better cells at the spot needed and repairs the pancreas, once that is done insulin is created and that’s the end of the disease.
Why should people be aware of your services?
With such medical innovation, there are a lot of people that would benefit from the products. Already, people that see the efficacy of the brand come onboard by registering and once that is done, they are taught how to get across to people. We will train you on how to get your clients come to you through online marketing.
What else will participants meet at the programme?
We would be recognising people that joined last year and have been trained. The least person we are appreciating has earned about N4.4 million in the business. We would also be having giveaways in today’s programme. We would empower 10 people with N55, 000 each and two people will be empowered with N550, 000 each; these 12 people will be properly mentored to succeed in the business.
What part does mentorship play in establishing growth?
When you start a journey without knowing the way, you would be experimenting; asking here and there. It is going to take a long time before you reach your destination. But when you have somebody taking you by hand, it is easier. For example, I have made about N11 million in the business. I have people that I picked up by the hand and today some of them are going to be appreciated today.
Does the company focus on only curative measures to health issues.
We also embark on preventive measures. It is not only for people that are sick. We have products that help you shine brighter and give you the necessary energy. For example, there are people that have health issues they are not aware of, using the products help to solve some of these problems. For others, it boosts their immune system.
Nigerians are skeptical about network marketing. What’s the plan to break this mindset?
When you see something working that’s when you know. The products are working. We also have compensation plans in place. We have Oxford graduates among our CEOs. We have a well-thought-out plan so sustainability is guaranteed. On the mindset, we can’t force people but we can make them understand the benefits. It is enough to get you interested. We are changing the narrative. We are going to teach you how to make people look for you. We are going to get a lot of people registered in the business from the comfort of their homes. We would show you the ropes and success is inevitable.
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