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Influencer marketing is social proof and word-of-mouth marketing combined and scaled. By engaging relevant influencers, a brand can communicate to large groups of its target audience that it is legitimate, of great quality and trustworthy. It does this by getting trusted creators to signal to their audience (mostly by posting content) that the brand is a friend, and can be trusted. The magic of influencer marketing is in the number of people under the influence of the creator, who value and respect their opinion and will often make purchasing decisions based on it.
In this article, we’ll see some of the top and most visible influencer marketing agencies in Nigeria right now.
A quick google search reveals a number of outfits offering influencer marketing services to different levels of complexity and scale. We will highlight a few here, and then break down the services an influencer marketing agency should offer.
Pulse is Africa’s leading innovative media company, offering a wide range of quality media and marketing services, one of which is influencer marketing. With a presence in 6 African markets, Pulse has built a network of influencers across the continent under the initiative called the Pulse Influencer Network. This platform recruits some of the biggest and brightest creators on the continent and connects them with corporate partners looking to reach and connect with new audiences.
The Pulse Influencer Network has helped brands just entering the Nigerian market, and already existing brands to execute successful marketing campaigns and reach a core engaged audience. As an influencer marketing agency, Pulse provides an end-to-end offering to its partners from influencer sourcing to influencer campaigns and social media management. Pulse offers two important added advantages. First is the creative, media and campaign experience that Pulse has, enabling partners and clients to engage not only influencers but also a media team with scriptwriters, video directors, producers and editors. This can help partners shorten the turnaround time from concept to execution and results. Secondly, due to its vast digital audiences on the web and social and its social media teams, Pulse is able to reach super niche micro-influencers with much higher engagement rates, making it possible for brands to access and convert super targeted communities.
Tima is an influencer marketing agency based in Lagos Nigeria. It offers data-driven influencer marketing services to help marketers and brands amplify their message through curated influencer audiences.
Tribahl is an influencer marketing agency that also boasts of a wide reach in influencers and influencer campaign capabilities.
What is a good influencer marketing agency?
For marketers and brands looking to leverage influencer marketing in their campaigns for the first time, we’ve made a list of a few points to pay attention to as you shop for a fitting agency:
Influencer diversity and sourcing
A good influencer marketing agency can demonstrate a history of being able to find the right influencers with the right community size for each campaign. The importance of sourcing influencers and creators in a tailor-made approach for each campaign is crucial. If well done, it will maximize the reach and efficacy of the campaign, leading to a stronger achievement of objectives.
Campaign and content experience
When the right influencers have been sourced for a campaign, it is imperative to supply the right brief to the creators. The right brief will not hamper their creativity and connection to their audience, but still, it will constrain and clarify the message being passed in their content. A good influencer marketing agency will also be able to demonstrate capability in managing influencer marketing campaigns and actual influencer content.
Reporting experience
At the end of each campaign, it is useful to collect the combined analytics to be received from all participating influencers and present a post-campaign report to the brand, highlighting the general response of the audiences, and which influencer community engaged more with the content. As an influencer agency, this service is as crucial to the brand as the campaign itself as the data obtained can help brands structure their subsequent influencer campaigns to make the most of them.
Influencer marketing agencies are specialist agencies within the creative industry that deliver campaigns and marketing that are super targeted, helping brands connect more deeply with audiences. Choosing which agency to execute an influencer marketing campaign is important to the success of the campaign, and to how judiciously the campaign budget is used.
As an influencer marketing agency, Pulse’s strong influencer network around Africa and its huge digital audiences demonstrate deep local connections to the creative industry in each operative market as well as an understanding of local context around content creation. If you’re interested in leveraging influencer marketing to connect with new engaged audiences, talk to Pulse.
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