Applications terminated in final order for sanctions issued to Abtach Ltd., 360 Digital Marketing LLC, and Retrocube LLC – United States Patent and Trademark Office

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All applications filed by entities (see the list below) associated with Abtach Ltd., 360 Digital Marketing LLC, and Retrocube LLC were terminated based on the final order for sanctions that issued on January 25, 2022. These entities and their parent companies have been barred from further communication with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), their USPTO accounts were permanently deactivated, and no further accounts are permitted. These entities were responsible for filing thousands of fraudulent submissions to the USPTO, which ultimately invalidated the applications. See the final order for more information. 
Brand Markly                    Logo Orb                 Manhattan Digital          Trademark Fusion           
Design Iconix                    Logo Sparkle           Nucle-I Global                Trademark Kingdom                        
Design Logo USA             Logo Synergy          Ohmydigital                   Trademark Nation 
Designing Territory           Logo Tender           Olive Logo                      Trademark Regal 
Digitalech                         Logo Vizio              Oneclicklogo                   Trademark Target 
Downtown Digital            LogoAmmo            Trademark 999                 Trademark Terminal 
Impressionify                   Logoexxon              Trademark Axis                US Trademark Profs  
Kreative5                          Logoknox               Trademark Eminent         US Trademark Pros 
Logo Evoke                      Logomacy               Trademark Excel              US Trademark Solutions 
Logo Facility                     Logostark               Trademark Falcon            Websnart 
Logo Iconix                       
Confirm your application was terminated.
If you worked with entities controlled by Abtach Ltd., 360 Digital Marketing LLC, or Retrocube LLC, the USPTO emailed notices of termination on January 26, 2022 to the correspondence email address of record. If you didn’t receive a notice, check the status of your application in the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) system to confirm that your application was terminated. 
File a new application.
You may file a new application by yourself (if you’re not required to have a U.S.-licensed trademark attorney) or hire a U.S.-licensed attorney to file it for you. The new application will receive a new serial number and filing date. New applications filed in response to this situation cannot be expedited. 

If you use an attorney to file your new application, the attorney’s email will be the correspondence email address in our records. We’ll only communicate with your attorney. However, your attorney must provide your email address too. That way, if your attorney withdraws from representing you, we can reach you directly regarding your application.
If you can demonstrate that the violations identified in the order do not apply to your application, you may file a Petition to the Director describing the circumstances and providing the relevant evidence. You must clearly prove that your application was affected by mistake. 
Individuals and groups associated with Abtach et al. are creating and forwarding fake email chains from USPTO examining attorneys to applicants with pending applications. The emails falsely state that applicants have further filings and fees due, and these individuals and groups offer to complete the fake work.
If you’ve been the victim of a scam, there are additional things you can do, which include contacting your state’s attorney general, filing a consumer complaint, or contacting the Federal Trade Commission. Also contact your financial institutions, such as your bank or credit card company, to determine if you can dispute the charges.   
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