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Hybrid is here to stay. The war for talent intensifies. Connections become more direct.
Econsultancy Founder Ashley Friedlein looks at the three ‘new normals’, that we believe are going to be the BIG focus for 2022 across digital and marketing at a higher level.
There is a pressing need to upskill marketers, but the idea of a team spending three days in a conference room seems antique.
Test and benchmark your digital marketing and ecommerce knowledge and skills.
The “war” for digital talent is a familiar trend, but it’s more problematic today than at any point since the late 1990s.
Pragmatic advice for marketers, HR professionals and other leaders about how to apply, support and promote a digital culture within teams and organisations, in order to enable greater agility and improved customer experience.
Marketers must embrace good data ethics in order to succeed in 2022, with organisations needing to offer real value in exchange for customer data.
With the shift to online here to stay, brands are discovering the merits that a compelling D2C offering can bring, including flexibility, greater control, and a more valuable proposition for customers.
This guide outlines the many different ways online communities can bring value to an organisation and covers how to develop a strategy to ensure its success.
A guide covering approaches to marketing measurement and analysis, also looking at how businesses can tailor their measurement strategies to their available data maturity and resource, and reviewing some of the common tools used by businesses in data analysis.
With sustainability moving firmly from a niche consideration to a mainstream concern, the wider ad industry is increasingly reckoning with its impact. Organisations that are willing to grapple with these issues will be ahead of the curve in 2022.
Could 2022 be the year the influencer industry “grows up”? Increased creator control of content, social commerce, and the acceleration of long-term partnerships all have a part to play.
Growth in ecommerce in 2022 will be about more than selling in an increasing number of channels. Online retailers who are serious about success need to get comfortable with change – and with disrupting themselves.
Econsultancy’s Digital Shift Report for Q1 2022 looks at the continued growth of q-commerce and Shein’s Gen Z-powered retail dominance. It covers key technological advances, including the rise of NFTs and virtual goods, forays into the metaverse from Fortnite, Roblox and Nike, the emergence of Web 3.0, thought-controlled touch typing and a centrifugal spacecraft launcher. It delivers actionable insight on trends that will be significant in the short- to mid-term.
Whilst the rest of 2021 might not have seen ecommerce adoption hit the heights of January of that year (nearly 38% of total retail sales in the UK), comparisons to 2019 still show how things have changed. Holiday shopping now looks to be roughly 30%+ online, compared to c. 21% pre-pandemic. So, looking in the […]
From Facebook rebranding as Meta, to TikTok reaching one billion monthly users – 2021 was a mammoth year in the world of social media. But how will social evolve in 2022? We spoke to industry experts to get some insight on what the next year could bring, with social commerce, the changing roles of influencers, […]
What do agency and martech folk see as the major trends in CX this year?
Between new privacy legislation, increased scrutiny of big tech’s approach to data collection, and the continued maturation of strategies to replace third-party tracking cookies, 2021 has brought some interesting developments for data and analytics. What do the experts predict 2022 will look like? Here are some key trends highlighted by our contacts in the world […]
Big updates from Google have always had a major impact on the world of search marketing, and 2021 feels like it’s been a big year for Google updates and announcements. 2021 was slated to bring the arrival of Google’s Page Experience ranking signal (originally due to roll out in May, the update finally arrived in […]
Looking to 2022, we’ve collected predictions from the world of adtech and performance to find out the big trends of the next 12 months in digital advertising. From first-party data and retail media, to ad creative and upper-funnel campaigns, the list is dominated by the ongoing challenges created by Covid-19, changing views on privacy, and […]
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